The ancient XiYin began and the formation and the qin and han dynasties XiYin artistic achievement _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-18
Core clew: XiYin in ancient China is one of the Chinese nation excellent traditional culture, it is a small sculpture, calligraphy, engraving, casting quintessence of ancient culture, has the very high academic value XiYin in ancient China is one of the Chinese nation excellent traditional culture, it is a small sculpture, calligraphy, engraving, casting quintessence of ancient culture, has the very high appreciation value and collection value, academic research. XiYin since the song dynasty has been a specialist, archaeologists and historians attaches great importance to, and widely collect description research, thus gradually formed a new discipline - — XiYin learn. A little heart GuXi passes the ancient Chinese people's intelligence, and set off on their pursuit of beauty, for the highly generalization of art, a vision of a better life. From these seals and YinNiu we glimpse the age people's ideology, hobby and hate, is the study of their habits, customs, very good empirical material. XiYin seals is inscribed in a variety of material such as gold, silver, copper and jade on the most reliable of the literature, it includes economy, politics, military, culture and other aspects of content, from which we can understand the ancient system, geography, history, social history and the situation of the nation, customs and other aspects, these data is verified, supplement and correct good circumstantial evidence in the historical materials. In fukuoka, Japan's kyushu in 1784 shiga county bad house county dean unearthed a golden, seals for 'han WoNu king', the new for the serpentine, 2. 3 cm square. The kisses the scholarly debate in Japan for a long time, some people doubt the truth of it. This golden discovered 172 years later, in 1956, in our country yunnan hill jinning, yunnan province, a han dynasty tomb unearthed in one and is very similar to 'han WoNu king' golden golden, also is the snake, seals for 'shizhaishan, so as to quell the Japan more than one hundred years of academic debate. Similarly, in 1981, in jiangsu province, yangzhou HanJiang oasis and found a 'straight Wang Xi' golden, this XiYin seal style also like 'han WoNu king' seal completely, even the weight is exactly the same. No wonder it exhibited in forward to seasonal visitors alike. The friendly exchanges between the two countries in the eastern han dynasty GuangWuDi yuan two years (in the kenwood 57 years) Had already started. XiYin XiYin is a seal cutting art, especially in the qin and han dynasties, have been developed to attain the state of the, to imitate by ancient and modern seal cutting. But we speak this book does not seal cutting art, but through the introduction of the development of the shang dynasty to the Ming and qing XiYin clues, points out that XiYin features in different historical periods, so that the general XiYin enthusiasts and collectors in the appraisal and appreciate to get some basic knowledge. XiYin began in si or micro China's pottery XiYin when it produces, traditionally have different opinions, these views in the aggregate, have the following kinds: three sovereigns said han dynasty Taoist according to ', in the spring and autumn yun dou shu ', 'shun as the son of heaven, huanglong seal. 'The legend of that as early as three sovereigns in the late neolithic age have XiYin namely. Said the three generations of southern dynasty historian Kent in its ', were sacrifice, he said: 'as for the three Kings, vulgarization glyphs, false gradually hing, beginning with XiYin, to rape eruption. 'Three Kings is refers to the king of the xia, shang and zhou three generations. The age range is too long, cannot know the exact time. A little bit but van breakdown point, namely the causes of XiYin is false gradually to 'xing' in class society. In the spring and autumn said according to 'zuo, duct and twenty-nine years of' : 'ask seal book JiWuZi charting, make public and metallurgy, and chase. Three seal summer 'and' virtual 'namely' summer virtual Stuart ', 'summer virtual left department horse', 'xia xu cheng' three side seal to prove it. The warring states period said, according to the pre-qin GuXi lute object out of the warring states period, and concludes that the commodity economy during the warring states period.
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