The ancient Chinese figurines _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-11
Core tip: 'Chinese ancient small sculpture' is one of the 'culture and civilization in China' series, by foreign language press and Yale university press, editing, and separately in Chinese and English at the same time a small sculpture in ancient China is one of 'the Chinese culture and civilization' series, by foreign language press and Yale university press, editing, and published in Chinese and English, respectively, at the same time, to the world. Encyclopedia of 400000 words. Discovers the two articles written by the authors of this book, review the evolvement of the development of Chinese small sculpture and humane environment, for the different aesthetic concepts of Chinese and western readers for reading. Main part consists of two braiding, chapter four, by today's outstanding accomplishments in the studies of China's small sculpture four Chinese and foreign scholars writing respectively. Them in a new Angle of view and enlightened method is discussed from the primitive society to the qing dynasty all historical periods of China small the category of the sculpture, artistic style, the creation achievement, times style, as well as the political, economic, culture, religion, art of outside influence on its development. Book is compatible with the Chinese and western scholars on the latest research results of small sculpture in ancient China, in this paper, the recent archaeological discoveries and flow of small sculptures, remaining reveals many little-known art phenomenon, is refreshing. The context is equipped with a small sculpture remains more than 430 images, mostly taken by China photographers' close to the field or provided by China's museum, lost little pictures of sculpture, is widely Gui set in countries such as America, Britain, France, Japan museum, art galleries, temples and private collectors. Concentrated outside China small sculpture collection of images on a roll, is this book different from those of another feature of published literature. Accompanied by 'a political figure in China' in the book, 'the chronology of Chinese past dynasties', 'part of Chinese past dynasties emperor table', 'Chinese ancient small sculpture major heritage sites map', etc. , so that the reader access control.
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