The American man took the owl plush toy and claimed that it was his 'defense lawyer'

by:Ennas      2021-12-21

【Global Network Comprehensive Report】According to the US 'Huffington Post' report on May 20, recently, American man Charles Abbott took out an owl plush toy in court and claimed that it was Own 'defense lawyer'.   It is reported that Charles was accused of violating the police protection order given to his ex-roommate Stranahan by entering his room without permission after his ex-roommate went out and trying to retrieve his belongings. It is ridiculous that when Charles appeared in court, he put a stuffed owl named Solomon on the defense bench, and then told the judge that before he was assisted by the public defender, he had three colleges of law: Yale, Harvard, and Stanford. The degree owl toy is his 'legal advisor'. Finally, the judge ordered Charles not to approach Stranahan and only allowed him to attend churches that belonged to Charles.
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