The age of 18 Jackson there is too much surprise! Millennium dragon figurine let people shaking what won't he?

by:Ennas      2020-06-15
Core tip: Jackson held in tianjin own 18 adults' birthday party, a birthday party for him and for the fans, so it is with the careful preparation, the process is full of Jackson held their own in tianjin 18 adults' birthday party, meaning the birthday party for him and for the fans, so it is with the careful preparation, the process is full of countless surprise, every link fans was greatly moved by! In front of the fans to enter, he put on the white doll clothing collected wishes to his fans, and he put all the wishes to accept, but also on the stage randomly selected two read out, because the first wish really have no way to achieve, and then the second, to show you their mobile phone screen saver. Believe other wishes he will also take home good, after all, the boy has been very warm heart love the fans. This time we had a very moving part and five years ago, thousands of topaz across time and space with the box, many fans see this scene is really a cry, remember at the beginning of the child is really mixed feelings, have love dearly don't give up love, fortunately, he has with you at her side to grow up well. And the other two good brothers are, as usual, came to the scene for his birthday, hanah on the mirror and projector, because he knew that his brother is art. Chun-kai wang the gift of choice is a fishing rod, because he knows thousands of topaz is boring at ordinary times, like cut down a tree, go fishing, but always can't take knife to come on up. Have to say, the most know each other or are they three brothers, then please continue to spend walk together in the future. And this time the most surprising is the last of millennium dragon figurine works, this is thousand seal myself personally, meaning also is not hard to find, because he is and he and his brother belong to the millennium dragon, so this is he give yourself a gift. In fact, this is not we first saw a small statue of his works, but this is the first time he made this large figurine, the relatively small. He is really like figurines, have free time everyday, we can sit down to a small statue, and every piece of work of art very much. Actually, thousand seal will be far more than we expected, only you can do without him, not just on the stage of song and dance Musical Instruments, even the same test techniques of calligraphy figurine painting he also know a little, because he participated in many of these programmes will as a kid, so nature is cunning is no burden. How could such a good boy who don't like it, Mr. Yi has now adult, believe the future will bring you more surprises!
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