The 9th west China cultural industry fair

by:Ennas      2021-10-11
Western China cultural industry fair in western culture by service industry development as own duty, inheriting the traditional culture, carry forward the modern culture, pay attention to culture the fusion of science and technology and combine with other industries, highlighting core cultural reform, strengthen the cultural soft power; Make full use of the silk road of the construction of the economic belt, state-level cultural exchanges and development platform, set up to do the silk road culture exchanges and trade pioneers, promoters and practitioners, realize the cultural power of the Chinese dream. Western China cultural industry fair has been successfully held the eighth, visited more than 2. 1 million person-time, cultural project contract amount exceed 1824. 0. 7 billion yuan. The 9th west culture industry exposition will attract from more than 20 domestic provinces, the city government delegation pavilion, pavilion, professional institutions and overseas cultural industry delegation and Taiwan wen gen products such as more than two thousand large-scale exhibition, many of the investment and financing institutions, entrepreneurs, industry association and other professional audience participation, other than the interview reports and media attention, both at home and abroad show achievements worth your waiting! Here, we sincerely invite you to attend the 9th west China cultural industry fair, share the cultural industry has become big business. 【 At the same time activities 】 1. The 9th west wenbo lead the tour activity 2. One Belt And One Road cultural industry cooperation development BBS ( 1) BBS (BBS 1: cultural tourism integration development 2) BBS BBS 2: digital creative industry technology development ( 3) BBS BBS 3: cultural industry personnel training cooperation 3. Along the silk road city characteristic cultural square performance 4. Cultural industry project investment and financing Windows 5. Culture industry investment and financing projects focus on signing ceremony 6. The silk road culture product innovation creative design competition jinan original student design competition awards 7. Culture industry in western China and text brigade fusion meeting 3 p project conference 8. Western China e-sports competition Exhibition range 】 A pavilion pavilion creative life: ceramic art, purple sand tea art, annatto root carving, exquisite embroidery, tea products, jewelry and jade article, agalloch eaglewood wood art, collectables - autograph miscellaneous, traditional crafts, folk art, four treasures, calligraphy and painting and other industrial enterprises, institutions and individuals. B1 pavilion pavilion: international culture exhibition, the silk road national exhibition, the exhibition area with Chinese characteristics, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area; City theme pavilions B2: western 12 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions, and provincial government agencies zone; B3 pavilion pavilion in shaanxi province, shaanxi 11 cities culture exhibition area, west salty new city, Seoul, and each district and county of xi 'an culture exhibition; B4 pavilion pavilion industry innovation, press and publication, radio and television, film and television galleries, cultural, financial and investment and financing institutions galleries, museums and derivatives exhibit, culture leading enterprises exhibition;
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