The 6th Anhui Baby u0026 Child Fair takes you to understand the 'today' and 'tomorrow' of Anhui's maternity and infant industry

by:Ennas      2021-12-23

Comprehensive two-child, Internet + mother and baby, O2O trend, transformation under the new normal, mergers and acquisitions alliances, etc. keywords are always flooding the pregnancy and infant industry in 2015, making people confused. As the global economic development continues to be weak, China's economic development is also in a state of weakness, consumption power declines and many other factors, all walks of life are experiencing unprecedented pressure and even survival difficulties. What is the 'today' of our Anhui maternity and infant industry, and what will happen tomorrow? Recalling the recent two years of Anhui’s maternity, infant and child industry, the devastating attack on wholesale agency models such as provincial and municipal agencies, and the forceful attacks on retailers such as mom-and-pop stores and single stores, as well as small chain systems Internal alliances, mergers and acquisitions integration, large chain companies staking their land, and cross-regional expansion have all constituted the 'yesterday' of the development of Anhui's maternity, infant and child industry. There are few production-oriented enterprises in Anhui's maternity and infant industry. The only cluster of 'Shucheng' strollers has a very small sales share in Anhui. Channel dealers and retailers support the development of Anhui's maternity and infant industry. 'Today' wholesales, agents face the inventory pressure of manufacturers' brands, the troubles of team talent training, the distress of retailers 'rebellionRetailer and agent), has become a super 'difficult to live' in Anhui's maternity and infant industry; 'today' retailers are facing the impact of e-commerce, the squeeze of hypermarkets, and fierce competition in the capital market (the speed of opening stores is like 'suddenly One night spring breeze came, thousands of stores opened together'), but became a 'star' in the eyes of small and medium-sized brands, and they tried their best to win over and cling to. Anhui’s pregnancy, infant and child industry has developed continuously and rapidly for several years in such a 'worst and best era'. Most of the channels and retailers have achieved quite good development results, and therefore also made a profit. To get some money; but there are also some colleagues who have cash in their hands to join the industry, but dream of falling apart. The number of agents in the 'Tomorrow' Anhui maternity, infant and child industry will be reduced, and the brand concentration will be greatly increased. From the era of 'channel is king' to the era of 'terminal is king'; Retailers’ stores have transitioned from city and county-level market competition to comprehensive (township) market competition. Franchising and alliances will form system-to-system competition; each store’s competition will also transition from single product competition to service, experience, and Interaction and products are comprehensive competition; chains with annual retail sales of RMB 100 million will also be produced among local brands, and will attract venture capital participation, which will lead to a wave of mergers and acquisitions. Industry standards will appear in stores, and more and more talents will enter the maternity, infant and child industry. A complete supply chain will greatly reduce the operating costs of large chains. The quality of products will be the biggest threat to the industry... Industry The development of the company is determined by market factors, but it also requires the common persistence and care of industry practitioners. The future is under our feet! Hefei Jingzheng Exhibition Co., Ltd. is committed to the service of Anhui's infant and child industry, and join hands to create a brilliant tomorrow! At the same time, the 6th Anhui Children's Fair will be held in Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center on June 17-19, 2016. Friends in the industry are welcome to explain and exchange views. Consultation hotline: Xu Wenqing 13225656671
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