The 4th Shanghai International Parent-Child Expo 2018 officially launched, so stay tuned

by:Ennas      2022-01-01

The preferred professional platform for China's parent-child industry, the 4th Shanghai International Parent-child Expo will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from March 29 to April 1, 2018, with an exhibition area of u200bu200b15,000 square meters. Mainly for parent-child education, parent-child services, parent-child reading, parent-child travel, smart parent-child hardware, parent-child home furnishing, parent-child amusement, children's food and parent-child clothing and other institutions and manufacturers to build an important platform for brand promotion, capital docking, business negotiation, and channel expansion. In order to enrich the display content, Shanghai International Parent-Child Expo closely integrates the current development hotspots of the parent-child industry, and will focus on setting up three major exhibition areas: parent-child business brand investment and franchise exhibition, parent-child travel, scenic spot and hotel exhibition, parent-child intelligent technology and AR, VR exhibition. The concentrated display of hot areas provides an important platform for exhibitors to understand relevant markets in the industry, expand new business areas, and meet new partners. At the same time, in order to better build a communication platform between exhibitors and professional visitors, the organizer has launched many activities to promote upstream and downstream communication during the exhibition. Such as the'Parent-Child Industry Future Development Seminar, Parent-Child Family Education Development Seminar, Parent-Child Format and Business Innovation Forum, Parent-Child Brand and Commercial Real Estate Cooperation Forum' and other activities. Three theme exhibition areas: Parent-child business type brand merchants and franchise exhibition In order to promote the multi-dimensional development of the parent-child business industry chain, this Shanghai Parent-child Expo has set up a parent-child business brand investment and franchise exhibition area. The exhibition area will gather parent-child business brands, commercial real estate brands, and invest Institutional and individual investors. Provide an efficient docking platform for parent-child business brands and commercial real estate projects and individual investors, so that high-quality commercial real estate projects can find merchants and investors can find suitable investment projects. Parent-child tours, scenic spots and hotel exhibitions promote the development of parent-child tourism, promote the perfection of parent-child tourism market, enhance parent-child families’ awareness of parent-child tourism products and the integration and cooperation of related industries, and conduct 'education through fun' and ' The value concept of 'Education and Play' promotes display transactions. This year's Shanghai Parent-child Expo has set up parent-child tours, scenic spots and parent-child hotel exhibition areas. The exhibition area will be made into a parent-child theme with a clear parent-child theme. Tourism products, and is committed to providing exhibitors with an effective platform to develop the parent-child travel market. Parent-child intelligent technology and AR, VR exhibitions promote the development of parent-child intelligent technology products, showcase the latest parent-child intelligent technology achievements at home and abroad, and spread cutting-edge ideas and concepts. This year's Shanghai Parent-Child Expo has set up a parent-child intelligent technology and AR, VR exhibition area, the exhibition area will be 'happy growth and fun technology' as the theme, for parent-child intelligent technology products, AR, VR industry to build a parent-child experience, technical exchanges and cooperation, distribution trade , A platform to improve brand and corporate awareness. The trillion-dollar market is a new blue ocean, and the age of parent-child economy has come. For specific details of exhibitions and sponsorships, and to make relevant project reservations, please visit the official website, or consult the following organizer staff: Contact: Mr. Cao Zhenglong Boyce Tel: (86) 21-6019 3508/182 2141 0969 Fax: (86) 21-6019 3139 Email:
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