The 4th Juhui•China Shanghai International Maternity and Childhood Fair

by:Ennas      2021-12-25

The 4th Juhui•China Shanghai International Maternity and Baby Fair Juhui•China Shanghai International Children’s Clothing Fair Exhibition Date: August 4-6, 2016 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center Organizer: China Department Store Business Association Juhui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. 2016 The 4th Juhui•China Shanghai International Pregnancy, Baby and Child Fair (CPBCF-2016), once a year, has been successfully held 3 sessions so far, accumulatively more than 3,000 brands have participated in the exhibition, 8 More than 2,000 agents, distributors, retailers and more than 10,000 foreign trade merchants purchase products through the exhibition agency. It has successfully organized buyer negotiation conferences, early education forums, fashion shows for new children's clothing, lectures by experts, and theme activities in cooperation with third-party organizations, which have promoted the development of the pregnancy, infant and child industry. As the country fully implements the policy that one couple can have two children. China's fourth baby boom is coming soon. It is estimated that there will be an increase of 50 million people in four years, and China's newborns will account for more than 20% of the world's newborns. The arrival of the second-child baby boom will bring new opportunities and challenges to the development of the pregnancy, infant and child industry. As the nation’s economic center, cultural center, and pregnant, infant and child industry and trade center, Shanghai has a leading position in international technology exchanges in the pregnant, infant and child industry. It has a wide range of radiation and a wide range of influence, making it the best choice for domestic cities. . Relying on Shanghai's unique resource advantages, it has become another major domestic professional maternity and infant exhibition, and has become the best platform for many well-known brands to expand domestic and foreign markets. CPBCF-2016 is looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai and conspiring the global maternity and infant industry. The road to development! Estimated scale: an area of u200bu200b32,000 square meters, a number of 40,000 visitors, and 1,300 booths. Review of the last exhibition. The exhibition area reached 25,000 square meters. According to a third-party professional organization, the number of visitors reached 35,000. Visitors, among which more than 4,000 foreign businessmen participated in the exhibition, the number of booths reached 1,000. The categories of exhibits cover 20,000 children in multiple categories including baby toys, gifts, baby home textiles, preschool education equipment and supplies, maternal and child products, strollers, furniture, amusement equipment, children's clothing, baby clothing, children's shoes, maternity clothing and accessories, etc. A variety of commodities. Exhibits ◆Mother and baby products ◆Baby carriages, crib furniture, car seats, baby home textiles ◆Amusement equipment and animation ◆Preschool education institutions and teaching aids ◆Toys, education and souvenirs ◆Children's clothing, infant clothing, children's shoes and accessories ◆Pregnancy clothing, underwear And accessories ◆Pregnant baby food target audience ◆Agents/distributors/wholesalers ◆Comprehensive maternal and child stores/pregnant baby clothing stores/toy stores ◆Department stores/commercial real estate ◆Supermarkets ◆Drug stores ◆E-commerce ◆Manufacturers/brands ◆Purchasing offices/trading companies/importers and exporters ◆Investors ◆Societies and Chambers of Commerce ◆Kindergarten service organizations Promote the exhibition; ◆Mail audience invitation letters, tickets, visitor vouchers, gift certificates and other promotional materials to dealers; ◆Invite professionals to visit through emails, group text messages, and related dealers’ QQ groups and WeChat groups; ◆The official website of the exhibition, WeChat public Announce the progress of the exhibition on accounts, Weibo, and blogs, and inform professional visitors of the latest exhibited products; ◆One-to-one with maternal and infant stores, maternity and infant clothing stores, toy stores, supermarket department stores, preschool education institutions, and maternity and infant professional markets, etc. Visits; ◆One-to-one communication with buyers on the phone, so that both exhibition and business invitations can be carried out at the same time, looking for real high-quality buyers; ◆Distribute audience invitation letters, tickets, visit vouchers, gift vouchers and other promotional materials at similar exhibitions at home and abroad; ◆Cooperate with third-party organizations to carry out domestic and foreign buyers negotiation meetings at the exhibition site; ◆Press conferences to invite reporters to the exhibition site to conduct interviews and reports; ◆Organize exhibitions with various industry associations, chambers of commerce, domestic and foreign organizations, international organizations, and foreign countries in China Institutions and competent government departments cooperate to invite professional markets and foreign business groups to visit the exhibition. Booth Fees Exhibitor Contact Organizing Committee: Jinhua Juhui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Tel: 400-6359-888 Fax: 0579-81537888 Website: www.cpbcf.com Address: No. 2, Fufang North, East Hall, International Expo Center, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province Door post code: 322000
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