The 2018 Chengdu Preschool Education Fair is about to open, and the five highlights are worth looking forward to!

by:Ennas      2021-12-04

Good news! ! ! The eagerly anticipated 2018 Chengdu Early Childhood Education Exhibition is coming soon. We have prepared gifts and the latest information. Are you ready to go? Abstract: Co-sponsored by the Western China Early Childhood Education Exhibition Organizing Committee, China Montessori Association, International Infant Education Association, Sichuan Early Education Association, Sichuan Early Education Equipment Association, Chongqing Early Education Association, and Chengdu Early Private Education Association. The 8th Chengdu Early Childhood Education Exhibition (Chengdu 2018) co-sponsored by Ming International Exhibition Group and Chengdu Global Century Exhibition Tourism Group Co., Ltd. will be held at Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center on December 14-16, with more than 500 exhibitors from all over the country There will be a gathering for exchanges and discussions around the theme of 'Smart Preschool EducationHighlight 1: Strong cooperation, deep cultivation of the industry, and a large scale in the refinement sector. The organizers of this exhibition, by cooperating with various key sector authorities, created a special exhibition area for the refinement sector, attracting many leading companies in the industry to participate in the exhibition and become the exhibition. One of the highlights. The exhibition covers 6 major sectors: Early childhood education franchise category, kindergarten wisdom education category, kindergarten supporting facilities category, kindergarten decoration design category, preschool education supplies category, educational toys category. Among them, the kindergarten education supplies and smart education sectors have been quite large, and the smart education sector has attracted companies like Beijing Maodou Technology, Beijing Sino-German Wisdom Education, Benyuan Wisdom Education, China’s leading K12 smart education brand-Yijiao Space, and the overall solution of Wisdom Education Solution brands-Seewo, Guangzhou Yibei Intelligent Technology and other brands will participate in this exhibition in advance to let everyone better understand the current status of smart preschool education and the future of smart preschool education. In addition, in the preschool education supplies sector, it has attracted many industry leading companies and authoritative institutions such as Guangming Yuandi, Qisehua, Haijilun, Qiaoqiao, Wonder, Water Rice Field Education, Huasenwei, Anqin Kehuna and other leading enterprises and authoritative institutions to enter the market. This year's expo will jointly discuss the future development direction of the preschool education industry. Highlight 2: A number of industry summit forums and activities were held at the same time, demonstrating the influence of the exhibition. The 2018 Western China Preschool Educators Summit gathered domestic and overseas capital, academics, education and other fields of experts, scholars, and social elites. '' as the theme, through keynote TED speeches, roundtable forums, project conferences and other forms, multiple levels, and multiple dimensions, China’s preschool education industry will carry out collisions and exchanges on education and teaching management methods and innovative educational concepts, and develop a deep understanding of the development of preschool education in the future. Level discussion to promote the growth and fusion of the industry. 1. The change and development of the Montessori education era 2. The international preschool education and new trends exhibition will unite mainstream search engine media such as Google Sina and Sohu, WeChat, Weibo, Douyin and other self-media, education equipment online, global education resources More than one hundred professional media such as platforms, exhibition ports and other exhibition media websites will follow up and report on the grand occasion of the exhibition, and provide all exhibitors with online communication and interaction services before and after the exhibition. Aspect 4: A number of international celebrities will come to this exhibition. A number of celebrities in the education industry will explain the trend and future of the preschool education industry for you. ! ! Highlight 5: Professional audience invitations, popular. The organizing committee will accurately invite customer groups, mostly principals and investors, with strong purchasing intentions. Among them, more than 1,830 medium and large organizations with strong purchasing power came to purchase. The flow of people on site is expected to be 10,000 person-times/day. 2018 Chengdu preschool education supplies and early education franchise exhibition is worth your visit. On December 14th, we will be there! ! ! Audience prediction name: Scan the QR code below to receive a free ticket, and have a chance to draw a lottery at the scene to win an iPhone XS Max worth 10048! ! ! Action is not as good as your heart, so hurry up! ! ! Bus route: Friends who take the train: 1. From Chengdu East Station, transfer to Metro Line 7 to Metro Line 1 and get off at Century City Station. Walk about 980 meters to reach Chengdu Century New International Convention and Exhibition Center. 2. Depart from Chengdu Station , Take Metro Line 1 to Shijicheng Road Station, walk about 980 meters, and arrive at Chengdu Century New International Convention and Exhibition Center. Those who take a flight: 1. From Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, take Metro Line 10 to Taipingyuan Station and transfer to -7 Transfer Line No. 1 to South Railway Station and get off at Century City Station. 2. Get off the plane and take a taxi directly to the Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center. Yes, rich is willful. Exhibition booth reservation hotline: 400-600-2726 Official website of the Organizing Committee:
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