The 2017 Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition will start a national tour, the first stop will be in Wuhan

by:Ennas      2021-12-27

[Editor's note] Whether a kindergarten can become a well-known brand, whether its software, hardware and supporting facilities in the kindergarten are constantly updated with the development of technology and trends is one of the important considerations. Serving the preschool education industry for nearly 10 years, the Eurasian International Early Childhood Education Expo (hereinafter referred to as the 'Eurasia Preschool Education Exhibition'), known as the 'First Exhibition of the Mainland’s Preschool Education Industry' The service tenet of 'Service, New Upgrade' and the opening of a national tour exhibition is one of its 'new measures'. Zhengzhou Eurasian International Early Childhood Education Expo (abbreviated as: Eurasia Early Childhood Education Exhibition) is the first professional exhibition with the theme of 'Early Childhood Education' in China, and it enjoys key exhibition projects supported by government policies. It is the preferred platform for the annual new product release of the preschool education industry; the shortcut for preschool education supplies companies to enter the Midwest and North China markets; the large-scale regular preschool education publicity activities in Henan Province, the first choice event for the visit, procurement and learning of the preschool education system in Henan Province, has been deeply involved in Henan for nearly 10 years . The return rate of old customers in each expo has reached more than 85%, the number of booths has doubled each time, and the exhibition has increased by 80% year-on-year. Hutong, Hopu, Belcome, Watson Wei, Xi Yangyang, Ye Hao, Co-Creation, Little Water Drop Classroom, Nobel, Little Shell, Children's News, Point-to-Point, Lutong, Dibao Le, Xiyier, Mingxiang Electronics, Love Thinking, South Korea Hebron, Heikeron, Baocheng Culture and Education, Jinjieli, Yinglilai, Yuhe, Baole, Sunny Baby, Baihe, Yiqun, Zhongkai, Jixiang, Prosperous, Xiaolanghua, Huaou, Xinxing, Pacemaker, Bole, Kanglong, Hualong, Qijiale, Zhongxing, Dongfang Baby, Transcentury, Mai Duo Le, Rocking Horse, Enshuo, Sheng Ai Education, Little Carillon, Drum Friends World, Rainforest Education, Chuhe, Ubel, Tong Anna, Anna, Miller Orange, Zhitong, San Gong Lihua, Lan Shuo, Olme, Racing, Moto, Delin, Favor, Wanyuan, etc. Companies have participated in many exhibitions, and their industry influence has also increased year by year. After 10 successful exhibitions, the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition has developed into the largest and most effective inland comprehensive display platform integrating brand display, new product release, bidding and procurement, supply and demand docking, and preschool education forums; a marketing network for the preschool education industry The best platform for resources and the best channel to show the strength of the brand. Has a very high right to speak in the industry and is highly respected by the industry. In 2017, the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition entered the 11th edition. In the new tenth session, the organizing committee put forward the service tenet of “new tenth session, new measures, heart service, and new upgrade” to further deepen, implement, and thoroughly develop the expo, increase national tour activities, and land the first stop of the tour. Wuhan. So, the question is, why did you choose Wuhan as the first stop of the tour? Wuhan is a national historical and cultural city, a central city in central China, an important industrial base, science and education base, and comprehensive transportation hub in the country. It radiates a population of 600 million in 18 provinces and cities in the central region. It is also known for its rich educational resources. Wuhan is also the country's largest commodity distribution center and the largest commodity wholesale market. It is the nation's emerging central city and the capital of conventions and exhibitions. Especially recently it has been approved by the State Council and Zhengzhou has been upgraded to a national-level central city. Its radiation and driving role has been further strengthened. Combining the large professional platform carefully created by the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition for many years and the good reputation of the industry, the geographical advantages, population advantages and the development trend of the preschool education industry of Wuhan, the first stop of the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition National Tour Exhibition will be landed in Wuhan. On the one hand, the implementation of the 'Hubei The second phase of the Provincial Preschool Education Three-Year Action Plan (2015-2017)' spirit, enhance the regional industry layout and resource allocation, continuously improve the preschool education inclusive resource coverage and public service levels, and accelerate the development of the preschool education industry. Development; on the other hand, it is also one of the concrete landing projects of the 2017 'New Tenth, New Measures, Heart Service, New Upgrade' proposed by the Organizing Committee of the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition. Bring the rich exhibition experience and brand influence accumulated in the 'Mainland Preschool Education Industry Exhibition' to a deeper and wider landing, broaden the coverage and service areas, and gather a wider range of preschool education personnel, exchange and learn, and promote Wuhan as the center The development of the preschool education industry in central and southern China. It is reported that this exhibition has received special support from Wuhan Convention and Exhibition Industry Association. Tap the following official account to learn more about the exhibition.
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