The 2014 Year of the Horse is approaching, and the horse toy, a symbol of success, is popular

by:Ennas      2021-11-24

The reporter saw at a shopping mall toy counter on Taibailou Road, Jining, Shandong yesterday, that various horse toys such as cartoon horses, small wooden horses, plush horses, and simulation horses have been placed prominently on the counter, and sales have also increased. According to the sales staff at the mall counter, plush horses are usually sold only one or two in a week, but in recent days, they can sell seven or eight in one day. 'Tomorrow is my son's birthday, and it seems that the year of the horse is approaching. So today I came to buy a horse toy for my son, and I got this little wooden horse.' Yesterday afternoon, citizen Ms. Wang selected for her son in a toy store in Pipashan Market. Toy. According to Mr. Li, the owner of the toy store, he will buy some toys for the Chinese zodiac at the end of the year. 'In the Chinese zodiac, the tiger, dragon, and horse zodiac images have good meanings, so the corresponding zodiac toys are also the best sellers. The horse image is mighty and symbolizes success. The year of the horse is approaching, so I made a new batch a few days ago. Horse toys are almost sold out now.
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