The 17th CTE China Toy Fair debuted, because it is international enough, it is attractive enough!

by:Ennas      2021-11-16

In comparison, the competition in 2018 is full of fun, and the two-child policy is gradually implemented. The two children in the family have come to this interesting world one after another, giving many toy manufacturers more motivation to play in the competitive toy market. , How can brand owners effectively launch their own products? Only when the product is displayed on a sufficiently influential platform can it have a chance to be accepted by the society. Therefore, it is particularly important for companies and brands to find an effective promotion platform. Speaking of toy product promotion platforms, we have to mention CTE China Toys Fair, which is recognized as the most influential toy promotion platform in the industry. CTE China Toys Fair has a history of 17 years and ranks No. 1 in Asia. Brand exhibitions are visited by many companies every year to expand marketing channels and establish brand images by participating in the exhibition. International positioning, promoting enterprises to quickly integrate into the international market CTE China Toy Fair was started by the China Toys and Baby Products Association in 2002. It is currently the largest toy trade fair in Asia. The exhibition brought together toy brands from all over the world, including the United States, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions. Among the toy brands exhibited were the latest technology and advanced products with innovative concepts from developed countries. The companies participating in the technology event can not only promote their own products, but also have discussions and exchanges with international high-end brands. The entire exhibition encompassed 11 major categories, and more than 2,400 exhibitors displayed on the same stage. These luxuriant elements not only attracted the high concentration of peers, but also buyers groups from home and abroad from all over the world will gather here. They meet the needs on the spot, intuitive The expression and communication of the company can efficiently reach the intention of cooperation. Exhibitors and brands can welcome buyers from all over the world without going abroad. CTE China Toy Fair is indeed the preferred trading platform. The international positioning can help participating brands quickly integrate into the global market and reach a sense of cooperation. CTE China Toy Fair is an important booth for releasing the latest products with its own influence. After all, the CTE China Toy Fair is an international business platform with rich historical experience. The exhibition has accumulated a lot of energy and resources since its development. The CTE China Toy Fair brings together major international brands, including Lego, Barbie, Hape, Chicco and other top brands. Many companies choose CTE China Toy Fair as their new product release medium. A dazzling array of products will be displayed throughout the venue for their peers. , Local agents and buyers bring refreshing feelings, and at the same time lay a solid foundation for the marketing and promotion of their own products, so that the public can understand the brand new products in the largest range in the first time. Broaden buyer channels and help companies connect with the market. The obvious advantage of CTE China Toy Fair is to effectively bring together the world's strongest toy dealers and call for a large range of toy products to appear collectively, which is enough to attract a wide range of customers and buyers. At the same time, CTE China Toy Fair also set up a special area for export products to help companies with export needs connect with global channel buyers, broaden channels for companies, and promote new and diverse forms of promotion. While highlighting corporate image, overseas buyers can recommend products. Choose products and cooperative brands through multiple module settings of the exhibition. In order to further integrate into the overseas market, the exhibition organizer also specially invites channel buyers from overseas hot markets in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Japan and South Korea to visit the exhibition and make purchases. It may help exhibitors to effectively connect with the international market, consolidate and improve their export performance, and enhance their global influence. A good brand often has high-quality products, and product sales and corporate image often rely on high-quality promotion platforms. Practice has proved that CTE China Toy Fair is an important promotion and procurement platform for toy manufacturers and demanders. Its existence provides many high-quality customers for enterprises and brands, and saves a lot of costs for manufacturers. It is a promotion platform worth choosing. Interested companies can now log on to the official website of CTE China Toy Expo ( to learn about the specific exhibition content. It is said that registered companies can also enjoy many promotion services outside the exhibition.
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