The 14th China (2018 Shenzhen) International culture expo fair

by:Ennas      2021-10-11
China ( Shenzhen) (international cultural industries fair (icif) Hereinafter referred to as & other; Wenbo throughout the &; ) , is China's only national, international, comprehensive, cultural industries fair (icif exhibition and trading as the core, to build China's cultural products and projects trading platform, promote and drive the development of Chinese culture industry, actively promote the Chinese culture products to the world, has been hailed as a & other; China's culture industry no. 1 & throughout; 。 Wenbo has held since 2004, successive accumulative total sales of more than 1. 5 trillion yuan, the export volume of more than 130 billion yuan. Shenzhen wenbo, is show the development of cultural innovation, to promote Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and cooperation platform, business card is also important in shenzhen city, has been successfully held the 13th. The 14th wenbo will on May 10-14, 2018, held in shenzhen international convention and exhibition center hall 9, by the ministry of culture, Ministry of Commerce, state general administration of press and publication, radio and television, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, jointly organized by the people's government and shenzhen municipal people's government of guangdong province, shenzhen newspaper group, shenzhen radio, film and television group, shenzhen publishing group, shenzhen international cultural industry fair co. , LTD. This show is about 13 years wenbo will craft art exhibition of process and results of a comprehensive review and display. Thirteen years wenbo arts and crafts exhibition, dash forward show advanced international expo, trading, marketing campaign evaluation, function, integration of technology, talents, investment, market, service platform and other advantage resources, the resource advantage into industry advantage, will be home advantage into the international advantage; So as to promote the industrial structure, improve industrial clusters and industrial integration, build a no. 1 upgrade version of Chinese arts and crafts. Galleries and exhibit categories: 1. A gallery of arts and crafts master of China: the master teachers copies at nus and original works, film and television information, etc. 2. Modern arts and crafts exhibition area: metal, resin, glass, crystal, glass, artificial plants, such as home decoration arts and crafts. 3. Ceramic arts and crafts exhibition, art porcelain, porcelain plate paintings, carved porcelain, porcelain, boulder, the grand in the chahai, are recommended. 4. Mahogany art galleries: rosewood, rosewood, rosewood, chicken wing wood, gold-rimmed nanmu rare wood furniture, sculpture, and accessories, such as aloes wood household items. 5. Embroidery weaving crafts exhibition, hand embroidery, computer embroidery, embroidery embroidery, fiber art, tapestry, woven carpet, bamboo, straw, the cane makes up products. 6. Folk arts and crafts exhibition area: paper cutting paper cutting, woodcut New Year pictures, paintings, paper fan, clay sculpture, thangka, lights, kites, batik, shadow play, costume props, etc. 7. Jewelry exhibition area: gold and silver jewelry, pearl, agate, coral, jade, ivory, horn crafts, etc.
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