The 12th CLE China Licensing Exhibition sets sail, leading the global IP licensing boom

by:Ennas      2021-11-11

Brand licensing is an emerging industry in my country, which has attracted the attention of national governments and industry organizations in recent years. At the end of 2016, the concept of brand licensing appeared for the first time in the five-year development plan of the Ministry of Culture. The 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Cultural Development and Reform Plan' clearly stated that it is necessary to build and cultivate brand licensing markets such as animation and art. In the 'Internet + Chinese Civilization' three-year action plan issued by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, it has been mentioned many times to encourage cultural relics and museum units to implement and promote authorization mechanisms to turn resource advantages into market advantages. As the brand licensing industry is increasingly being valued by the government , China’s largest and most influential professional authorized trade exhibition, the CLE China Authorized Exhibition hosted by the China Toys and Baby Products Association, has also won awards including the Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the China Animation Society, and the China National Light Industry Council. As well as the attention and recognition of domestic and foreign organizations such as Japan Brand Licensing Association (CBLA), Korea Culture Promotion Agency (KOCCA), New Zealand Embassy in China, etc. In 2018, the 12th CLE China Licensing Exhibition will be held on October 16-18 During the period, it was grandly held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Since the first session in 2007, CLE China Authorized Exhibition has been successfully held for 11 sessions so far, and it is regarded as an excellent international authorized brand display and business platform. In 2017, CLE China Authorized The exhibition has achieved outstanding achievements, with an exhibition area of u200bu200b23,000 square meters and a total of 53,264 visitors. In 2018, the 12th China Licensing Exhibition will continue its efforts. It is expected that 260 brands from all over the world will participate in the exhibition, including international brands Accounted for more than 80%, and the exhibition area will reach 35,000 square meters, an increase of more than 50% compared to 2017. The 12th CLE China Authorization Exhibition in 2018 can be said to be bright and exciting. Universal Pictures, Turner International licensed brands such as, IMG, Mattel, Hasbro, as well as internationally renowned licensed brands such as Thomas, Minions, SpongeBob SquarePants, Kung Fu Panda, Brown Bear and Kenny Rabbit, Big Mouth Monkey, etc. will gather here to create a joint A feast of overseas IP licensing projects. Domestic Super Flying Man, Pleasant Goat, Baralla, David Bacon, Armor Warrior, Pig Man, Ari and other popular IPs will also actively participate, demonstrating the prosperity of the domestic IP project market. This CLE China Licensing Exhibition will not only provide a platform for many popular IP licensing projects at home and abroad, but also introduce more brand-new IP categories to enrich the exhibition types and authorized varieties of the exhibition. 2017 CLE China Licensing New projects such as film and television IP, variety show IP, culture and art IP have emerged in the exhibition. In 2018, CLE China Authorized Exhibition will increase the exhibition area of u200bu200bmuseums and non-profit organizations, and increase new types of movies, cars, games, sports clubs, etc. The number of exhibitors in order to give manufacturers and retailers in various industries more opportunities for business cooperation. In 2018, CLE China Authorized Exhibition will be held concurrently with CTE China Toy Fair, CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition, CKE China Baby and Children Exhibition, etc., four exhibitions The overall exhibition scale is 220,000 square meters, and the number of global exhibitors is expected to reach 2,400. By then, the advantageous resources of the government, associations and industries will be concentrated and integrated to effectively promote business cooperation between enterprises and brand owners. 2018 CLE China Authorized Exhibition Will focus on displaying many domestic and foreign The most influential and popular IP licensing project, with strong domestic and foreign organizational resources and rich display categories, leads the global brand craze in the IP licensing industry!
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