The 12th 2018 kunming international exposition and the first national folk arts and crafts

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
【 This exhibition. 2018 the 12th international folk arts and crafts exposition and the first people in kunming and excellent & other; With the hand & throughout; Huan foreign exchange purchase, the 11th 2017 kunming ( China) International folk arts and crafts and cultural tourism commodities fair once again after the success of the yunnan province cultural industry event. According to the work arrangements, in 2018 the province's cultural industry development is scheduled for December 20, 2018 & ndash; 24, held in kunming international convention and exhibition center new. This is a national culture strong province in the area along the construction and culture bridgehead strategy under the new situation, masters and new, high-quality goods with famous brand in the industrial upgrading of event. Holding this exhibition is about in-depth implementation of yunnan provincial party committee and government, the construction of yunnan ethnic culture strong province and yunnan tourism province, to promote sound and rapid economic science in yunnan development of specific measures. Through expo this high-end platform for comprehensive, large-scale display of rich and colorful folk arts and crafts in yunnan province characteristic such as cultural tourism resources, to promote excellent national folk arts and crafts and other special culture brand of yunnan province, expanding characteristics such as yunnan folk arts and crafts culture of trade in services, showing excellent ethnic culture in yunnan, characteristic culture and cultural industry development condition in recent years, promote the development of yunnan culture industry upgrade and the entire province national folk arts and crafts such as characteristic culture inheritance protection and scientific development. Then, at home and abroad well-known experts, national folk business process, entrepreneurs, such as the people from all walks of life, in the beautiful scenery, four spring-like, flowers surrounded by kunming together, discuss national folk events, painted with ethnic folklore blueprint. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants attending exhibition, we are looking forward to your visit! 【 Exhibition range 】 1, sculpture, sculpture class; 2, prepare the embroidery class; 3, garments, textile apparel; 4, folk pottery and porcelain and tea, tea culture; 5, folk instrumental music classes; 6, souvenirs, gifts; 7, folk collection classes; 8, stone jade; 9, archaize furniture, Chinese Ming and qing furniture, European and American antique furniture, etc. ) ; 10, glass products; Class 11, new arts and crafts.
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