The 11th China (2019 Chengdu) Gifts and household products exhibition

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
【 This exhibition. The 11th China (2019 Chengdu) Gifts and household products exhibition exhibition venues: chengdu century city new international exhibition center exhibition time: June 21-23, 2019 the organizer: reed sinoexpo exhibition ( Shenzhen) Co. , LTD. Registration hotline: zhu, 156, 1809, 0005 ( And WeChat) Business QQ: 64080981 exhibition location: chengdu century city new international exhibition center hall 2 and 3 show size: 20000 square meters booth number: 900 exhibition booths merchants: 600 visitors: 40000 exhibition description lizhan sinoexpo exhibition ( Shenzhen) Have a nice expo group (co. , LTD. , is by The world's largest exhibition and conference organizer) And shenzhen sinoexpo exhibition co. , LTD. ( China's gift industry's most influential private exhibition company) A joint venture in China, is China's gift industry's largest exhibition organizer, is also a nice expo group members of the company. Chengdu gift show: no. 1 chengdu in western China economy in the western provinces will be ranked first in the city, with its huge market prospect as the center of the western gifts, lizhan sinoexpo use excellent international resources and operate international gift show professional experience for many years, based in chengdu, to the west, aimed at professional brand gift show exhibition platform for the high quality for the industry, and other In 2009 the first home in chengdu, leisure products and gifts throughout the exhibition &; After a complete success, the second, three, four, five chengdu show also obtained the industry acclaim, in June 2019, the 11th chengdu furniture, leisure products and gifts exhibition expanded again beautiful Argo passion communication! Chengdu gift show: mass buyers resources organizers lizhan group has more than 300000 professional buyers database, for your business enterprise brand and product mass propaganda opportunity exposure. Nice group three, chengdu gift show: the combination of professional experience and extensive resources, China gift business association has advantaged industry buyers resources and rich experience in exhibition, with a deep relationship with the government, all this is fair successfully held confidence guarantee. Four, chengdu gift show: the great support of procurement resources in China's gift industry association, will be will be invited to the major national company executives and senior procurement staff on the ground. - in the center of the trade in western China - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Chengdu held to chengdu-chongqing high-speed economic development area as a trading platform, radiation throughout the country, building efficiency and broad professional sales channels. Five, chengdu gift show: the enterprise new product launch shows an excellent location, quintessence of new product, advertising, with downy lamplight of chic, beautiful beautiful product area, for the first time visitors with strong visual impact and enjoy, is one of the bright spot of audience and exhibitors and moving. Six, chengdu gift show: enterprise brand image show pay more attention to enterprise brand value, enhance brand value, the best time to best place to improve the enterprise brand visibility and influence. Theme BBS activities and exhibition site features complement each other, in providing professional buyers with a personalized procurement from channel to the terminal trading platform, on the basis of centralized industry for a year the most hot topic communication BBS, the dynamic and trend from the macro and micro circulation of products and innovation and change will be to find the answer here. Seven, chengdu gift show: a large and professional buyers purchasing negotiation to exhibitors and buyers demand as the center, organizing more special purchase ability of professional buyers and attending enterprises carry out business within, docking interactive, achieve a win-win situation! 【 Exhibition range 】 Low ceramic, table supplies, crystal and glassware stationery and cultural objects, the collection low household goods, home textile products, kitchen supplies, household adornment low gifts, handicrafts, promotional advertising gift low electronic and electrical appliances, toys low jewelry and ornaments, clocks and watches low packaging and paper products low smoke and low lighters, beauty care products sports leisure travel supplies, bags leather goods other ( Media, trade services, association, etc. )
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