The 10th International Preschool Education Equipment and Supplies Exhibition in Beijing, China, grand opening on November 23-25, 2017

by:Ennas      2022-01-07

Children are the flowers of the motherland and the hope of the nation. Their healthy growth is related to the future of society and family. Therefore, they are receiving more and more attention from all walks of life. Especially in recent years, with the liberalization of the 'comprehensive two-child' policy, the preschool education industry has ushered in a new period of vigorous development. Recently, it is reported that 2017 Beijing's largest preschool education exhibition will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (Sanyuanqiao Pavilion) from November 23-25! Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit us. So far, 'CICEE' has been successfully held for nine sessions. The scale, content and event value of the conference have won unanimous praise from exhibitors and audiences. The exhibition gathered top brand exhibitors in the industry, with an exhibition area of u200bu200bnearly 30,000 square meters and more than 400 brands participating in the exhibition. The exhibition covered: preschool education informatization, kindergarten courses and teaching materials, kindergarten educational toys, children's entertainment interactive education products , Maker education, steam education, early education franchise, kindergarten amusement equipment, kindergarten infrastructure and supporting facilities and other products and services. 'CICEE' takes integrated marketing, regulation of supply and demand, brand promotion and industrial linkage as its functions, and has developed into one of the largest, most influential and professional brand exhibitions in my country's preschool education industry. Visit value: 1. If you are the principal, investor, or early education training institution, you can learn about the latest education methods and educational products, and bypass distributors and distributors to directly connect with manufacturers/developers, 'CICEE' will Become your best choice to update educational resources and save costs; 2. If you are a distribution agent, as the preschool education industry event with the strongest professionalism, the largest scale and the richest display content in China, this exhibition will gather For elite brands in the industry, this trip will allow you to learn about the most complete and latest projects, look for high-quality suppliers and grasp the latest direction of the market; 3. If you are an educational administrative unit, here is the strongest and most experienced , The top supplier and service provider with the highest market recognition, and the high standard of supply and service quality will make your trip worthwhile; 4. If you are a practitioner in the preschool education industry, you can learn about the latest products, technologies and markets in the industry In addition to being dynamic and broadening your horizons, you can also gather evidence for the direction of the market. Warmly welcome principals, teachers, agents, etc. from all major regions to visit and guide! Visit hotline: 010-80595400/57175939
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