The 10th China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference officially kicked off

by:Ennas      2021-11-12

Currently, China's economic development is stimulated by the two-child policy and consumption upgrade, and the toy and baby products industries continue to maintain a high growth trend. At the same time, new concepts such as new retail, artificial intelligence, big data, personalized customization, and the sharing economy have emerged one after another, making business managers in the business world continue to experience unknown changes. Standing on the road of development bifurcation, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is an opportunity or a bubble. Breaking the situation and relieving difficulties has become a top priority in the toy and baby industry. To this end, the China Toys and Baby Products Association will hold the 10th China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference at the Suzhou Taihu International Conference Center on March 30-31, 2018. This conference will gather the toy and baby products industry manufacturers, brands, licensors, and channel business executives. At the same time, it will invite Internet industry experts and new retail experts and scholars to jointly analyze policy directions, share authoritative data, and gain insights into forward-looking trends. Learn from excellent experience and appreciate the path of the elite. As a national industry conference, the conference has been held every two years since 2002, and once a year since 2014. It has been successfully held for nine sessions. It has been strongly supported by relevant national ministries, local governments, local associations and leading domestic and foreign industry companies. , Is the most grand event in the industry, aiming to promote cross-border integration and coordinated development of the industry, and lead the development direction of the industry. As a gathering place of the national advanced production technology for toys and infants and a new window to observe the domestic frontier development trend, the China Toys and Infant Products Conference is highly anticipated. The main forum of this conference is positioned as 'Global TrendsThe guest lineup is unprecedentedly luxurious and will invite key industry leaders such as Xiaomi founder Lei Jun, JD vice president Feng Yi, MINISO founder Ye Guofu, and China Europe International Business School professor Wang Gao as keynote speakers to share their latest insights and cutting-edge views . Xiaomi once strategically put forward the vision of 'allowing everyone to enjoy the fun of technology'. Xiaomi has applied the Internet development model to develop products, uses the spirit of geeks to make products, uses the Internet model to remove intermediate links, and strives to allow everyone in the world to enjoy high-quality technology products from China, surpassing a large number of traditional mobile phone manufacturing in the short term Shang, become the uncrowned king in the hearts of users. The conference invited Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Group, to share how Xiaomi's user participation model is replicated in the manufacturing industry. Lei Jun will share with the guests how the traditional manufacturing industry is user-oriented, how to use explosive strategy to create products, and how to create high-quality and cost-effective products. MINISO is a well-deserved pioneer of new retail business models in China's retail industry. When the general environment was cold, MINISO still opened thousands of stores in just two years, with sales exceeding 100 million yuan, and was listed as the world's most terrible competitors by Muji, Uniqlo, and Watsons. All this is attributed to its founder, Ye Guofu. The conference invited Ye Guofu, the global co-founder of MINISO, to share the essence of new retail-product is king. Ye Guofu will deeply analyze the way MINISO has opened more than 2,400 stores around the world in 4 years, and how retail has entered the 'product-centric era of small and beautiful selection' and how to create the ultimate product design and extremely high cost performance. With an excellent shopping experience. In recent years, while cultivating the field of e-commerce, JD has also actively updated its corporate consumption upgrade management concept, shifting from the 3C market to fast-moving consumer goods, women's clothing and other categories, and has taken the lead in exploring unmanned supermarkets and offline retail shopping in the industry. Experience store. The meeting invited Feng Yi, Vice President of JD Group and President of Consumer Products Division, to share how to create the ultimate shopping experience in the era of consumption upgrade. Mr. Feng will discuss in depth the experience of focusing on consumer experience, creating shopping scenes based on big data and artificial intelligence, and stimulating consumption upgrades. Dr. Wang Gao, a marketing professor at China Europe International Business School, worked in Chicago's Information Resources Co., Ltd. (IRI) as a senior consultant and was responsible for marketing model development. The models he developed were consulted by companies such as Coca-Cola, Procter u0026 Gamble, and Kraft, and he has extensive industry experience. The conference invited Professor Wang Gao to share the innovative marketing in the era of consumption upgrading. Dr. Wang Gao will focus on the marketing strategy of consumption upgrade and new retail environment. There are two keys to how to capture consumer demand: quality and personality, and marketing strategy based on consumer buying behavior. The 2018 China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference is about to kick off. During the conference, international politicians, industry leaders, business executives, experts and scholars, media reporters and others collided ideas, communicated feelings, enhanced mutual trust and deepened friendship through various methods such as conference discussions, meetings and negotiations, and exchanges. I believe that every guest attending the meeting will linger in the beautiful landscape of Suzhou, wandering in the ocean of thought and knowledge, leaving many unforgettable moments and beautiful memories.
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