[Tenth] Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition: 'Didi Travel' in the preschool education industry

by:Ennas      2021-12-25

On August 1, 'Didi Chuxing' announced the acquisition of 'Uber' China, which became a hot topic. This move is undoubtedly for the purpose of sharing resources, coordinated development, and also for more refined and diversified Innovative services to meet consumers' increasingly diversified travel needs and continue to increase driver income. In today's era of sharing economy, the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition is like a taxi-hailing software for the preschool education industry. By creating a professional platform for resource sharing and complementary, it will gather more preschool education industry manufacturers, distributors, and agents. On this platform, each exhibitor is like a network connection point, continuously sending high-quality preschool education resources and new industry trends to various kindergartens and industry distributors, agents, and so on. Eurasia China Zhengzhou International Early Childhood Education Expo always aims to lead China's early childhood education industry. After nine trials and hardships, its scale and influence have been expanding, but its philosophy has never changed: to create business opportunities for customers. From November 18th to 20th, the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition will usher in its tenth year, and it will usher in a qualitative leap in terms of the scale of the exhibition, the level of organization, the brand influence of the exhibition, or the level of team service! Believe it or not, look! Huge preschool education market, unlimited business opportunities. At present, there are about 180 million children aged 0-6 in China, and there are about 20 million new births each year, of which the urban population is more than 6 million. The huge base, stable growth and renewal have laid a solid customer base in the early childhood education market. Early childhood education has become a sunrise education industry. The traditional concepts of 'looking for a child to become a dragon' and 'looking for a woman to become a phoenix' accumulated in the five thousand years of Chinese culture have also provided strong impetus to the preschool education market. As a populous province in Henan, education is the top priority. The market for preschool education supplies is unlimited, and there is a blue ocean. Professional exhibition, highly favored The 10th Eurasian China Zhengzhou International Early Childhood Education Expo was created by Zhengzhou Eurasian International Exhibition Co., Ltd. to help enterprises take off. Eurasian Exhibition is the only international professional exhibition company registered with the Zhengzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce. It specializes in organizing domestic and foreign industrial and commercial enterprises to China, overseas exhibitions and domestic economic and trade negotiation activities; professional planning, development, organization, and undertaking of various professions Exhibitions and conferences (forums) to promote the prosperity of China's key economic regions and the development of related industries. Up to now, there are Yehao, Dongfang Baby, Jinjieli, Sunshine Baby, South Korea Hebron, Xinervo, Evergrande, Racing, Xinyang, Prosperous, Xiaolanghua, Aochang, Baocheng Culture and Education, Hutong More than one hundred companies, including Beilei, Hopu, Yulin, OnePlus One Mengzhi, etc., signed up for the exhibition. Wonderful silhouettes of previous exhibitions. Industry forums and resource sharing. In previous exhibitions, not only many brand enterprises participated in the exhibition, but also many large-scale events attended by 1,000 people were held. For example, during the expo, the preschool education development center of Henan Province, the Henan Armed Police Corps Early Childhood Education Development Center, and the Zhengzhou Early Childhood Education Development Center jointly organized a series of lectures on 'Children’s Collaboration, Scientific Connection' Zhengzhou Preschool Education Promotion Month; 'Henan Province’s First Children’s Activities such as 'Basketball LeagueExciting activities in the same period of previous exhibitions. There will also be several forum activities in the same period of the exhibition: The 10th Central China Early Childhood Education Development and Countermeasures Summit Forum and the Principal's Seminar and Education Promotion Month series of activities; the planned kindergarten project under construction and bidding procurement information Press conference; new technology, new product promotion and so on. For more information on the exhibition: 0371-60272780/90 Official website: www.ouyakids.com There is also good news to tell you that this exhibition will be held on June 16-18, 2017, the 11th Eurasian International Early Childhood Education in Zhengzhou, China (Spring/Summer) The Expo invites exhibitors at the same time, opening a new chapter together. There are discounts for signing up for the two exhibitions together!
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