Tencent's co-organized event 'China's Maternity, Infant and Child Industry Innovation and Development Forum' was successfully held in Guangzhou

by:Ennas      2021-11-20

Exclusively co-organized by Tencent.com, the '2012 China Innovative Development Forum on the Maternity and Infant Industry in China' jointly organized by Guangdong Association of Pregnant and Infant Products, Guangdong Xinzhilian Exhibition Company and Nanfang Daily will be held in Guangzhou Zhongzhou Center on the afternoon of November 14 The conference hall on the third floor was grandly held. On the day of the event, nearly 500 people from well-known domestic economists, outstanding entrepreneurs, and many veterans in the baby industry attended the event to discuss the development trend, reform and innovation of China’s baby industry Various issues of concern.    This forum also received strong support from the China Working Committee for the Next Generation, the China National Light Industry Council and the Guangdong Light Industry Association. At the beginning of the forum, Ding Yufeng, the host of Guangdong Satellite TV, hosted the 'WeChat Shake' lottery and gave a generous gift from Tencent to nearly ten winners. In the climax of the forum, the 'guest dialogue' session, Mr. Zheng Haojian, Director of Tencent's Caibei Product Center, General Manager Dai Zhijian of Guangzhou Century Baby Company, General Manager Guo Chaoying of Yingai Trading Company, General Manager Jiang Xikang of Jinsheng Baby Company, and Aofei Animation A number of heavyweight guests, including Assistant President Qiao Sheng, General Manager Ye Jianfeng, Leyou CEO, and Ms. Hu Chao, CEO of Leyou, focused on 'How infant and child companies respond to the weak state of the domestic economy'How to take the road of transformation and upgradingDuring the dialogue, the audience responded enthusiastically, asking questions and participating in the discussion, and the atmosphere was very lively. The activity lasted until 7 pm and ended successfully. The 2012 China Infant Industry Innovation Development Forum is one of the important events of the 4th Guangzhou International Baby Products and Apparel Exhibition. The exhibition was held at the Pazhou Exhibition Hall of the Canton Fair from November 15 to 17. The exhibition scale is nearly 30,000 square meters. It is from more than 20 countries including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and major provinces and cities in my country, Hong Kong and Macau. More than 600 brands from Taiwan participated in the exhibition, which once again refreshed the scale of the largest event in South China. It is one of the most watched and attended annual events in my country's maternity and infant industry.
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