Technology VS Etiquette-the difference between gift-giving between state-owned enterprises and foreign enterprises

by:Ennas      2022-02-15

State-owned enterprises: Gifts are given from time to time for technical problems to let the leader know that you have him in your heart. For example, the whole family goes to a farmhouse on weekends, buys a pumpkin for themselves, and brings one to the leader by the way. Although the ceremony is light, it is important to have a Buddha in your heart. This time for the New Year holidays can not only send festive things to add to the festive atmosphere, such as delicacies and wines, but also help the leader, especially for the leader’s family to spend more generously during the festival, and make little contribution without financial concerns. Power, such as: supermarket shopping card, shopping mall consumption card, etc. At a critical time, the group must be reformed and a group of middle and high-level leaders must be adjusted; the group must be reformed and a group of young backbones must be promoted; the group must be expanded and a group of outstanding talents must be promoted and mobilized. In the beginning, such news was monopolized by the top leadership, but if you do the first two points well, you may be lucky enough to get hints from the leaders. At this time, it is very important to send according to the leader's hobby. When large families in ancient times gave gifts to each other, the most difficult thing was to give gifts based on each other's taste and taste. In case someone likes Zheng Banqiao, but you give away the works of the Four Kings, the result may not only be counterproductive, but may also outweigh the gain. If the leader loves the best tea, then sending foreign wines will get half the result with half the effort, and it will also reveal that you and the leader are not of the same mind. A friend of mine did not give wine or tea, but chose precious medicinal materials because he knew that the leader usually pays attention to health preservation, so there is no need for it. Foreign companies: gift-giving is a matter of etiquette. Foreign companies rarely give gifts between superiors and subordinates. Even if there is, it is some etiquette like a holiday card, such as a box of chocolates and a packet of snacks. In my company, a Chinese colleague brought a pair of chopsticks or a pack of Chinese paper-cuts to the head office’s foreign boss, and a foreign colleague gave a photo frame to a Chinese colleague who had a good relationship. The market price of these items was only thirty or fifty yuan. The RMB is mainly to meet the needs of etiquette. Maybe you can use cultural differences to summarize this phenomenon. I don’t think it is entirely. The main reason is that in foreign companies, no matter how heavy gifts are given, the goal may not be achieved. No matter how high a foreign company’s leadership position is, the position of leadership may not be stable. Maybe you send it today, and others will leave tomorrow; in addition, no matter how high a foreign company’s leadership is, the leadership power may not necessarily be great. Maybe you send it today. The financial director said that the budget is insufficient and the salary will not be increased next year. Of course, there are cultural differences. Western countries. People in the company have their own set of etiquette rules for the gifts of company colleagues or between superiors and subordinates. If the value of the gift you give far exceeds this standard, such as 10,000 yuan of foreign wine, not only will it not entertain you, but it may also cause people's vigilance. : Does this person have a ghost in his heart, is greedy for the company’s money, and wants to pull me into the water? Because the gift-giving culture is very different from country to country, some multinational companies have repeatedly updated their employees’ gift-giving and receiving rules, and There are detailed regulations on the maximum limit of gifts, ranging from 60 US dollars to 100 US dollars. The latest interesting thing I heard about gift giving is that an executive of a multinational company received a Hermès tie from a local Chinese company boss. The price tag is more than 2,000 yuan. Because it exceeds the standard, the executives specially apply for special approval from the company for this purpose. The most funny thing is that because they don’t like the pattern, the executives bring their tie and price tag to the specialty store to exchange it. , I was told by the clerk that this tie was fake. This fact is too shameful and not for outsiders. It’s just that everyone in the company’s management knows that the executives have received a tie of more than 2,000 yuan, but no one knows that it is fake. The dumb loss on the issue of 'gifts' is probably not the most imaginative.
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