Technological toys are booming and become the highlight of the 2014 London Toy Fair

by:Ennas      2021-11-27

Great Wisdom Asdaq News Agency reported on January 24 that the status of traditional toys is not as good as before, while technology toys are grabbing more and more market shares. At the ongoing London Toy Fair 2014, the importance of technology in the development of the juvenile toy market has begun to highlight.   According to a report by the British Daily Telegraph on Thursday, 6 of the top 10 best-selling toys in the UK in 2013 were electronic or technologically innovative toy products.   Last year, the sales of traditional toys priced under £5 in the UK market fell by 12%. On the contrary, the sales of electronic toy products with higher price positioning showed an overall increase. The sales of electronic toy Furby increased by 66% compared with 2012, and it became the best-selling toy in 2013.  In this year's toy fair, many new high-tech products were also exhibited. A mini robot named Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker can make ice cream in 45 seconds. The toy company BeeWi has launched helicopters and cars with Bluetooth and WiFi functions, which can be directly controlled by the user's tablet or smart phone. In addition, there are helmets with built-in cameras to record videos of bicycles, skateboards, and skateboard watches from the wearer's perspective.  The organizer of the exhibition, the British Toys and Hobbies Association (BTHA) pointed out that technology has played an important role in the development of the toy industry in 2013, and pointed out that Augmented Reality technology is also an important driving force behind the growth of the toy industry.   Among the A-share listed companies, Qunxing Toys (002575.SZ) and HKUST Xunfei (002230.SZ) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on January 31, 2013, intending to carry out strategic cooperation in the field of electronic and electric toys. The two parties will continue to explore application requirements in the areas of speech recognition, text and graphic recognition, voice processing and transformation, action and voice control, mobile Internet toys, human-computer interaction system robots, etc., and gradually carry out cooperation attempts to form more intelligent products.   In addition, Huawei shares (002502.SZ)'s products are mainly in five categories: smart toys, plastic toys, model toys, animation toys and other toys. Among them, smart toys are the company's main source of profit, accounting for more than 40%.
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