Taomi.com releases heavyweight new product 'Moore Alphabet Paradise'

by:Ennas      2021-11-30

Taomi.com held a new product launch conference. Among them, the heavyweight new product 'Moore Alphabet Paradise' strategically cooperated with Liangfengtai was eye-catching. Moore Alphabet Paradise is an English learning smart toy for children aged 3-6, and it has a lot of things in it, because its intelligence is not to install electronic devices in the toy, but to use an augmented reality application. 3-6 years old is the golden age for children’s language development, the enlightenment stage for the development of various abilities, and at the same time a period when they are extremely curious about the morphological characteristics of various objects. The use of naive cartoon images and English education are combined with augmented reality technology. Images, voice, and fun games can fully stimulate children's learning enthusiasm and hands-on ability, play and learn, to achieve the purpose of entertaining and entertaining. This toy has 26 letters and corresponding preschool education cards, 6 scene mats, and each letter comes with a fun sticker for children to create by themselves. The 26 letter dolls can be transformed from cartoon animal images to corresponding letters by folding. For example, the letter corresponding to bear is B, which is highly uniform in form and content. In conjunction with the 'Moore Alphabet Paradise' app developed by Liangfengtai, as long as you point your phone at the alphabet doll, you can see the small animals bouncing on the screen, and the standard word teaching of English dubbing sounds simultaneously, in order to help the children With deep memory, you can also wake up Scrabble by scanning, and learn new knowledge easily. The design of the 6 scene mats comes from the scenes in the game 'Moore ManorChildren can build their own manor through any combination of floor mats according to their own imagination. The magical application 'Moore Alphabet Paradise' also shows its power here. As long as you aim at the main building on the floor mat, the scene will immediately become alive: the rotating windmill, the moving windmill, the Molele and the princess Mamo who are walking hand in hand, Good friends in the game, please come to your home as a guest. 'Moore Alphabet Paradise' is the first innovative combination of augmented reality technology and physical toys in China. This combination method highlights the playability of toys while adding early education elements, learning and playing, entertaining and entertaining, and at the same time using mobile phones. As a collocation, the safety of the toy is fully guaranteed. The toy giant Lego once used augmented reality technology to watch the toy construction effect by simply scanning the packaging box, which caused a strong response and inspired more imagination of the combination of this technology and the children's products market. Taomi is deeply involved in the children's market, and Liangfengtai is a leading provider of augmented reality solutions in China. This time the two have joined forces to deeply integrate augmented reality technology to create the first smart toy.
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