'Tao of memory - — Ancient chahai exhibition 'will be opened in Beijing

by:Ennas      2020-06-14
Core tip: 'dream' Beijing hundred Olympic album cover figurines album launch and 'tao of memory - — The opening cocktail of 'China ancient times the chahai show in Beijing on December 18, 2008 art academies gallery called' dream 'Beijing hundred Olympic album cover figurines album launch and' tao of memory - — The opening cocktail of 'China ancient times the chahai show in 2008 was held on December 18, art academies in Beijing art gallery. Beijing 'hundreds of pieces of Olympic figurines' project is led by the Beijing planning committee, the Beijing municipal culture bureau, China's small statue figurine institute and Beijing city construction management office to actively participate in large-scale international figurines, preparation and selection work since 2005, after many collect, invitation, selection, fair show, finally chose from thousands of pieces figurine works (100 55 domestic, abroad 45) Take part in the activity, the 100 pieces from 24 different countries in the world of small sculpture after the proper research, are placed in the Olympic park central area, the Olympic forest park, around the Olympic venues, chaoyang park, national grand theatre, mei lanfang grand theater and other important urban node. The move not only enriched the Olympic venues and the artistic atmosphere of urban space, more intuitive to reflect Beijing as an international city and famous historical and cultural city of openness. Different nationalities artist links together because of the Olympics, due to the Olympic culture blend of different forms and under the globalization trend of cultural diversity, with tolerance, respect and absorb the attitude of China opened the door of cultural inheritance, contributed to a tide of world culture converge. 'Condensed dream' in the form of collection and documentary records the 'Beijing hundred Olympic figurines' activities and results, the process of its publishing witnessed every 'hundreds of pieces of Olympic figurines' project participants for the purpose of the embody 'humanistic Olympics', improve the image of the city of visual culture, and reveal Beijing history humanities connotation of efforts. Beijing Olympic Games to the magnificent Chinese civilization shook the world, but also aroused the Chinese people a new round of rage of glorious history, art academies by Beijing and China cultural heritage information consultation center, Beijing city figurines construction management office, Beijing artists association of 'tao of memory - — The chahai exhibition in ancient China, a total exhibition from neolithic age to the han tang song liao period the chahai high-quality goods of more than 30 sets. Highlights the brilliant history of Chinese ancient pottery is next, show the art essence of Chinese civilization for thousands of years. Figurines as the modelling of the oldest human art, as early as slash-and-burn primitive society has initiation. Ancient pimitive in grain and domesticated animals at the same time, begin to understand using clay pottery. As the original form of the figurines and the pioneer of plastic arts, the invention of the pottery embodies the human understanding of water, earth, fire and grasp, to speed up the society from the 'dark ages' to the era of the 'wild'. It has a long history of human history, the social information recorded almost all time, is our country economic life, the epitome of culture and art, science, arts development. 'Hundreds of pieces of Olympic figurines' activities from the new century and new era of Olympic sailing, and eventually go back to the ancient civilization. This back in one thousand, offers a small statue art in modelling ability and aesthetic aspects of the development and evolution. 'Memory' of the tao in a different voice in our ears, some we grasp ancestral inheritance of ceramic culture, remember the prolonged history of Chinese civilization.
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