Tang xing kiln furnace _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-19
Core tip: the tang dynasty is the golden age of Chinese feudal society. After 300 years of division and the civil war, the north porcelain straightforward and uninhibited passion and southern delicate, euphemism, ably confluence to the tang dynasty the tang dynasty is the golden age of Chinese feudal society. After 300 years of division and the civil war, the north porcelain straightforward and uninhibited passion and southern delicate, euphemism, ably confluence to tang dynasty. On behalf of the northern white porcelain highest achievement of xing kiln in tang dynasty, is developed in such a cultural background. This statue of the tang dynasty qin xing kiln furnace, a must, at least the objects should be a royal aristocrats in the tang dynasty. I used to visit the ancient kiln sites and major museums around the investigation, have never seen such wonderful wonderful piano furnace. The furnace high five. 2 cm, furnace size is 3. 3 cm, shape rules, exquisite craft, the bottom of the furnace and all ivory glaze, glaze color is pure, enamel hypertrophy, jade-like stone embellish snow, a foot above fetal bone, visible porcelain clay elutriation extremely carefully. Furnace for neck rolls along the beam, wide shoulder drum abdomen, the three little beast foot tripartite confrontation, outward slightly aside, very strong and powerful. The harp furnace is a typical 'so cheap to do', show composed atmosphere in the small and exquisite, visible in the plump delicate and beautiful, very glorious age of tang poetry of life. Xing kiln site is located in hebei province in the high, in the city, xingtai, such as Hong Kong, xing kiln, from an old genera XingZhou for yanzhao places, there are many a strong man. Upright shi-ji HuoShi cloud: 'together game, generous elegy' zhao men. Commercial prosperity in the tang dynasty, makes the copper is not enough, use for copper money, the government sent a letter to the world, with copper casting articles for daily use is forbidden. Zhang Deqian 'bottle florilegium' cloud: 'the ancient porcelain, all made in copper, beginning to tang is porcelain. 'As a result, China is more and more widely used and become main daily life of the appliance. When the north fire white porcelain has a very wide range of areas, but in the xing kiln in hebei. Its hand in photograph reflect with south yue state produced celadon, become the two mainstream of ceramics in tang dynasty, and ended since the wei and jin dynasty celadon the situation of unify the whole country. Xing kiln and the kiln tied, form the 'south green northern white' bright two big system, to the development of the tang dynasty white porcelain and the rise of color porcelain laid a foundation. Xing kiln is China's famous ceramics in the history of important kilns shuo, ancient and modern, renowned Chinese and foreign. It created in north Korea, failure in the five dynasties, finally the yuan dynasty, fire time of nine hundred years. According to liu yu in the tang dynasty's 'saint' 'jade porcelain silver xing, the porcelain classes; Xing porcelain kind of snow, the porcelain type of ice; Shikotan xing porcelain and tea, the porcelain blue and green. It's light brown. 'Xing kiln TaiZhi established fine white, modelling is dignified and generous, elegant and not common, loved by the people in one thousand years. It to Bai Sheng frost and snow clean tonal and plain and elegant demeanor, reflected the tang dynasty modest noble sentiment, pure white and flawless, with the glorious age of tang poetry and the grand vision. Xing kiln white porcelain is jointly divided by the color white, another is characterized by simple and less adornment. Craftsman can mainly displays in the plastic arts, so most of xing kiln ware shape concise, simple, dignified. This feature can be seen on the sogeum furnace. Ancient writers has refined taste, their unique romance. Jean is closely related to the literati's life for thousands of years, in the study of the field, scholars, cannot leave the harps, lyres, zheng, xiao. As early as in the era of Confucius, jean became literati compulsory instruments. Before to play the piano to play the piano very the attention etiquette, usually for months, bath, clean hands, and burn incense. So in four appliance, incense burner has become one of the major objects cannot lack. So specifically for aficionado play guzheng with small censer arises at the historic moment, the people also choose a good name for its - — The furnace. Burning incense once a harp furnace, furnace body small and exquisite, placed in the table more gentle. In den point a wick sweet, a moment a harp, dense aroma with notes of the piano; Looked at the chimney of a wisp of smoke, and smelling the fragrance of wafts of fragrance, like the body into the celestial beings and to thing I left two of the artistic conception.
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