Tang: datang cultural wonders _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-19
Core tip: ( File photo) In essence, the tang is not China, but a kind of low temperature fire pottery, is a bright glaze, the luster bright, soft with yellow, green and white three color is given priority to, glaze colors, File photo) In essence, the tang is not China, but a kind of low temperature fire pottery, is a bright glaze, the luster bright, soft with yellow, green and white three color is given priority to, glaze colors, has the ancient porcelain surface of jade-like stone embellish feeling. The tang dynasty economic prosperity, social stability, 'advhcg, honesty prevails throughout', the tang dynasty was the Asian countries economic and cultural exchange center. Tang sancai of various image artifacts are promenading, character, have emotional appeal, posture, smooth lines, balanced flesh, god the spirit foot, has a unique dynamic modelling, various, vivid. Colored glaze, coupled with the colorful color tang sancai modelling is more outstanding. The line of tang sancai elastic, smooth and form a strong composition, changes in the nature, full of vitality, has strong spirit of The Times is a embodiment of bright datang culture. In the figures, the samurai muscular, bulging eyes zheng, tense; Female figurines updo wide sleeves, graceful, carefree leisure, very full. Animals with horses and camels. The ancient tang sancai structures is mainly used to do the objects, called 'burial objects'. Tang has unearthed in many parts of the country, most of which unearthed in xi 'an, luoyang, changan and luoyang is the capital city is located in the tang dynasty, is the political and economic centre of the tang dynasty, Kings, bureaucracy, tombs for the rich businessmen of scholar-bureaucrat and concentrated, so the number of unearthed tang sancai, therefore has 'the luoyang tang'. Tang sancai glazed pottery products market in the auction market. 2003 Hong Kong billionaire Joseph lau collection of a pair of rare tang sancai TaoMa, auction at sotheby's New York, was a jewish businessman in 157. Purchased $60000, and the same antiques auction record, auction of a pair of tang sancai TaoMa, modelling is perfect, lifelike. Mane which one is black, white, green, saddle height 27 inch mouth, mouth 30 inches long; The other a brown horse, brown short mane, body with white spots, high 26 inch mouth, mouth 30 inches long. Two horses in posture, gesture male beauty, is Joseph lau cheaply in the 67 years ago. On March 30, 2005 held in New York, Christie's auction of Chinese porcelain art auction, taken on 21 group a total of 29 para implements was a complete success, clinch a deal the 12 groups of 15 pieces, including 200000 - valuation The items of lot 135 of $300000 for a pair of tang town tomb beast with $380000 clinch a deal, appraisal 150000 - The items of lot 145 of $180000 tang sancai horse ( Mainly blue three-color) With $190000 clinch a deal, tang sancai horse no. 139 to $130000 in third. A 15 cm high tang sancai dragon handle pot with RMB 64506 clinch a deal, this is within the scope of international in recent years on the largest number of time in the tang. On September 20, 2005 in New York, Christie's auction, a high 58. 3 cm ladies tri-colored glazed pottery of tang warrior clinchs a deal with RMB 595440 yuan; On May 2, 2006 in between source international auction, a para polo female figurines ( A pair of) With RMB 3742330 clinch a deal; On June 22, 2006, the China guardian auction, a 49 cm high tang sancai horse clinchs a deal with RMB 440000. At the 79th issue of Chinese auction over the weekend, with 100000 yuan sold another overseas return horse tri-colored glazed pottery of tang. On, the company held 82 little by the return of the items of lot 2214 overseas tang sancai camel aroused the enthusiasm of buyers, through bidding in many ways, eventually to 9. Clinch a deal of $20000. Compared with the international market, the domestic clinch a deal the price differs very far, this also directly linked with national laws and regulations for the protection of cultural relics, but in recent years, China's art market clinch a deal is good, most of the items return from overseas, for people who are in favor of collection of the tang is a rare opportunity. Handed down since the tang quantity is limited, can see can buy and sell on the market at present the tang, only two cases, one is handed down, the other is return goods overseas. Copy and imitation of tang sancai process in luoyang has a history of hundreds of years, after generations of artists, to make 'luoyang tang' process skills and art level reached a certain height. For real, high replicas in the identification of four to: a product modelling, charm, second, we must check tire body, TaiZhi, third, we need to see the enamel, glaze color, four to analyze decoration, floor. Many genuine tang sancai ornamental, pretty decorations is conscientious and meticulous workmanship, very reach the designated position, while the replicas is hard to do everything perfect. Replicas because production time is not long, implements the surface without acid, alkali, salt and other underground chemical corrosion, one thousand, new and bright glaze, started to touch glazed smooth and comfortable, there is no real sense of 'acerbity sluggish'. Polished old replicas, although see you won't feel that kind of smooth and bright surface, but this kind of imitation often left traces of friction on the surface of objects. If the side light look carefully, the glaze can see friction mark produced in grinding, together, with the hand touch, feel sting. Genuine three-color column type apparatus are used molding forming, dual mode about split, local repair the tire. Objects or body at the bottom of the lower middle have a hole, through holes can clearly see the marks of the clamping, and you can see the walls with some irregular manual trace. Imitations with modern high precision grinding machine processing, but dual mode split gild the lily. Tang sancai learned China small sculptures and other traditional Chinese arts and crafts, the characteristics of the heap, score and other forms of decorative pattern, line coarse ore.
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