Tanabe's big smithsonian art exhibition was held in tianjin beauty club

by:Ennas      2021-08-08
Core tip: college students' art online - 18 November 30 points, 10 by the college students' art online and tianjin people's fine arts publishing house 'person, hosted by the new power - — Tanabe's big smithsonian art college art online - 18 November 30 points, 10 by the college students' art online and tianjin people's fine arts publishing house 'person, hosted by the new forces - — Tanabe's smithsonian art exhibition 'was held in tianjin people's fine arts publishing house. The opening scene the opening scene of tianjin artists association, vice chairman and tianjin people's fine arts publishing house President Mr Li Yifeng, baode institute of tianjin university of commerce wen-liang liu, r. vishny, tianjin youth venture park, vice President of the general manager a: rongbaozhai ( Tianjin) General manager Xu Zheng, baode institute of art clothing department JiaoXiaoHong ( Associate professor) , tianjin university of technology, vice President of the school of art and clothing XieJi cheng, tianjin daily assistant general manager, general manager of Mr Jin MAO trading co. , LTD. , tianjin century AnLi Yang Hongxia manager ( Ms) , tianjin faw Volkswagen, marketing director of a line, etc. More than 100 guests attended the opening ceremony. The week-long exhibition, exhibition of new ideas, new ideas are the excellent art of teachers and students in art college, for example from gome, Central America, beauty, days beauty such as sichuan art college or young or senior writer exhibits. Which includes oil painting, watercolor, figurines, and other art forms, and through the exhibition mining potential excellent youth art, promote the development of art, will also be good spread before the public. Exhibition exhibition of works of art here are continually increased, constantly change, they are no longer a simple painting or small statue, but each one have a soul, connotation, a life of individuals. Look at full of beautiful things in form of different color art as if accidentally broke into the another world, soul got an extension of the art here, zero distance contact, feeling and art open extremely attractive visual feast. Each to show who is the audience is not only the consumer, admiring come to viewers are likely to be the next customer, here can make art and life generates a wonderful swaps. As one of the organizers of the tianjin people's fine arts publishing house was founded in 1954 on August 14, is one of the senior professional fine arts publishing house in China. Was 44 years, the editor has published a large number of books, works of art history, techniques, books, reference books, comic books, easy reading, New Year pictures, calendars, and other categories of art publications. Type, quantity, all is domestic art of the book publishing industry. In recent years, published a large number of high-grade picture album, almost covers the important painter painting Chinese art history. Dozens of picture book won the national various awards. Chinese college students' art exhibition in 2010 by the university art online ( The original Chinese college students' art network) Initiate and host. College students' art exhibition in China, is a domestic the largest for excellent works of art colleges, Big Ben, a graduate student in school of large-scale exhibition events, collect, theme lectures, evaluation by the works, exhibition, Chinese and foreign cultural exchange activities such as auction link, to the contemporary Chinese art college students to provide a display their talent, and social communication platform, and make their work more close to the market, close to the society, produce better economic benefits, and promote the development of Chinese culture and art. Exhibition site since opening in 2010, as the art of college students focus on service platform, the organizing committee will only accept submissions of college students, has successfully held four sessions. Participants from the first of more than 200 people, to the more than 10000 people, 2000 entries from the first, to the more than 22000, its growth seen in four years, the cumulative collection works more than 48000, covering more than 30 provinces, 238 cities, 800 colleges and universities, 800000, activity participation in the group of the arts university students has caused strong concern. 'If I'm not a sunflower' ge shanshan huangshan and biographies of the assassin
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