Talking about the Essence of Welfare Gifts from the Perspective of Human Resource Management

by:Ennas      2022-02-15

Why do companies issue welfare gifts?   Maybe many people think this is a fake question, and the answer is really obvious-isn't it to increase the centripetal force of employees to the company, enhance the cohesion of employees, and then achieve the purpose of improving company performance?   Is it really just like this? Let us look at a case. The troubles caused by 'employees’ birthday gifts' In order to enhance the company’s cohesion, reflect the company’s care for employees, and enhance the relationship between the company and employees, a company launched a birthday congratulation program in 2009: On employees’ birthdays, they will present cakes and cakes to employees. Gifts. At first, this event was welcomed and praised by all employees. But I have to admit that after a period of operation, some employees started to celebrate their birthdays just to receive gifts' but did not appreciate the company’s confused understanding.  Why does such a problem occur? From the perspective of human resource management, it lacks the motivational effect of performance management. It has nothing to do with the degree of personal effort, whether the individual completes the goal, or how much the individual contributes to the company. Everyone has a birthday every year. As long as they are employees of the company, they can enjoy birthday gifts as they should. This is a welfare system for everyone. The longer the implementation of such a welfare system, the worse the effect, and it will gradually disappear. Being moved, even contrary to the original intention of designing this system. It’s normal to wait for gifts on your birthday. If you don’t have gifts, it’s not normal, and it may cause some dissatisfaction.   This kind of welfare actually has some history, but practice has proved that the effect is not very obvious. As an immovable practice, the effect will naturally be weakened, so many companies have given up this kind of welfare. The essence of welfare gifts is to encourage someone to use the 'company is home' as a metaphor: family members have a birthday, and everyone gathers to give gifts to show family affection and care. Liu Chuanzhi said in response to the article 'The company is not home' written by Lenovo employees : The company cannot be regarded as a real family. In the family, children can have various shortcomings and make various mistakes. Parents are ultimately tolerant. The company cannot be like this. 'In fact, it is the children of the family. Naughty is always causing trouble, and parents will not give him a birthday as a punishment.   Of course, it’s not that we don’t need a welfare system. Public welfare such as pension, medical care, and unemployment insurance is necessary. Some surveys have proved that the benefits of companies have recently increased at a much higher rate than wages. In addition to the public welfare stipulated by the state, what the company needs is a welfare system that is connected to its own goals and can motivate employees to make progress. That is, through human resource management, it can play a sustainable incentive role and reflect the company's different returns to employees. Welfare system. In other words, the essence of welfare gifts is to motivate employees to move forward, and to increase their centripetal force and enhance their cohesion is just a second attribute derived from this essence. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the company's best not to introduce a welfare system that everyone has a share and lacks incentives, otherwise it is a kind of lazy government.   In addition, it is very embarrassing when a system has obviously lost its usefulness but is difficult to cancel. Of course, if the company’s benefits are very good, in addition to fulfilling its performance commitments and without affecting the principles of human resource management, it is also a joy to give employees more welfare gifts. The essence of human resource management is to optimize employees and optimize the organization. It is also a process of continuous improvement, requiring the company to do the right thing as far as possible, and is closely related to the strategic development of the company. This is also the difference from the previous personnel management. . Through the arrangement of the human resources management system, from the recruitment and selection of employees, training and development, performance appraisal, salary management and organizational design, employees can work hard on their posts and improve their abilities and positions, without being able to meet the development needs of the company. It needs to be adjusted or even eliminated, so as to realize the rapid development of individuals and enterprises. In this way, the enthusiasm of employees can be mobilized, the cohesion of the company can be enhanced, and the loyalty of employees to the company can be improved.  Human resource management is an ideological system; a company policy, principle and system system; a rigorous organization and management system as well as a method and operation system. As a company's incentive method for employees, welfare gifts should be included in the scope of human resource management to plan and implement. Although this will make the specific implementation more difficult and more complicated, if you do not receive serious and effective training and continuous improvement, it is difficult to have obvious results. But once it is effectively implemented, the effect it will bring to the enterprise is also extremely welcome. Besides, there are many things that always feel very complicated or difficult when you don't do it. In fact, you really do it but feel simple again.
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