Taipei's Palace Museum rare porcelain excellence: the color porcelain

by:Ennas      2020-06-14
Core tip: the graph display of 'magnetic tire ocean colour icing on the cake reunions double loop waist round bottle'. The graph display of 'landscape poetry revolving magnetic tire ocean color bowl'. Taipei's national Palace Museum has a named 'the graph display of' magnetic tire ocean colour icing on the cake reunions double loop waist round bottle '. The graph display of 'landscape poetry revolving magnetic tire ocean color bowl'. Taipei's Palace Museum has a called 'gorgeous color porcelain ─ qianlong ocean colour' exhibition, attracted a large crowd to watch. Planning the exhibition in Taipei's Palace Museum artifacts Liao Baoxiu researcher told our reporter, this is referred to as 'the color' collection of China, is a rare amount of fire, directed by emperor qianlong personally named, with seat, tray, a review of the column level, the vast majority of the collection in dry end coagulation temple and yangxin qing temple, with a few display the old Summer Palace, after been invaders plundered, basically loss at outside are few and far between, there are rare. Show BuChen in 3 0 6 showroom. First of one hundred and thirty-eight exhibits of the list is 'magnetic tire the colour red, emerald green icing on the cake ShuangAn day dish double round bottles', the combination of double round bottle for molding, appearance, double bottle of commissure, interlinked, the bottle with the plum blossom, ganoderma lucidum, magpie, yu 'smiles', 'cheese' longevity. Liao Baoxiu researcher, kangxi years, do the qing palace created to establish a special 'enamel' fire enamels. Two kinds of colored enamel porcelain qing is a magnetic tire painted enamel ( Colored enamel) , one is the magnetic ocean color, are 'enamel' complete imperial porcelain. Its process is first in jingdezhen imperial kiln or yixing firing device, check the quality perfect transport into the palace, and to 'enamel' and draw colored enamel, charging firing again. This one is subject to both made in China, is unprecedented in the history of ceramics. The so-called 'the color', it is colored enamel porcelain imitation of western painting techniques painted. A statue of 'magnetic tire the colour blue ground golden flower fish YouChun bottles', is displayed in a prominent position. This porcelain points inside and outside two layer, it is respectively by the four parts of each fire and then assembled. BoZhuan bottleneck, inside the bottle with its rotation, visible color goldfish swimming fun chasing fallen petal. 'Qianlong dynasty, du tao guan b during the spring and autumn every year, went to jingdezhen supervisor' imperial porcelain, Liao Baoxiu researcher said: 'in order to impress the js mi ammy, b continuously pushing Chen Bu new, research new techniques, racking their brains to design new style, fired from a number of known as' creations' kit kat hollow out turn investigated; He pioneered 'icing on the cake' carved carving techniques, will be the color of showily beautiful into perfection. 'the colour is b innovative use of nouns. B, jingdezhen kiln can't burn out like qianlong early fine beautiful work. Under the 'magnetic tire the color's color paper mallet bottle', straight mouth, long neck, round abdomen, ring foot, qing dynasty palace called such bottles paper mallet bottle. Qianlong love paper mallet bottle design, once in the poem: 'the gall bladder, paper mallet bottle bottle type of solidifying'. Modelling from chow bronze pot 'magnetic tire ocean colour icing on the cake reunions double loop waist round bottle', exquisitely made, live ring on the bottle is fired in the body in small teams to nail, will live with ear ring support, firing and then will be removed, with the complex ShiJinCai coverage, low-temperature firing again, with the eye is not easy to find. Bottles met painted butterflies in pairs according to the 'jolly meeting', meaning auspicious. Exhibition of 'magnetic tire the colour red sees landscape soup bowl a pair', the walls of the bowl there are four group round medallion, respectively by color ink and color painting of the four seasons scenery. Liao Baoxiu researcher especially said: 'the emperor qianlong for such artifacts, will it as a' dry top qing '. Is listed as 'first class' qing ', there is an imitation bronze modelling 'magnetic tire ocean color cheese the flower cicada grain 罇', Liao Baoxiu said: 'this glaze used at least more than 15, is manufactured under the supervision of tao guan b, it only make two, palace of art collection jack. 'Liao Baoxiu researcher also told reporters:' unlike other category porcelain, court basically don't have the color porcelain as a reward. Established in 1925, the national Palace Museum, clean room affairs commission into the palace relics were counted several none. The most fortunately, this batch of ocean color most well-preserved magnetic womb, currently points on both sides of the Forbidden City. The institutes to hide qianlong dynasty up to more than five hundred department of colored enamel porcelain, the exhibition of Tibetan one hundred and thirty-eight colour porcelain, are based on file to restore it in the original correct name in qing dynasty palace. 'Porcelain in the acura, wonderful artical excelling nature. Carefully watch the collection of deep lock JinYuan porcelain, technological innovation, it's for this match well of Chinese and western techniques in Chinese culture, multi-cultural blend of fine and deeply gasp in admiration.
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