SZMBC2015-Shenzhen's only mainstream maternity, infant and child exhibition is here

by:Ennas      2021-12-18

2015 Shenzhen International Pregnancy, Baby and Child Industry Exhibition and 2015 Shenzhen Parent-Child Experience Exhibition (SZMBC2015), as the only mainstream pregnancy, baby and child exhibition in Shenzhen, will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 13-15, 2015! The exhibition includes four major sections: experience section, exhibition section, activity section, and conference section. The contents of the exhibition cover maternal and infant products, maternity and infant food, children’s toys, children’s clothing and shoes, strollers and cribs, children’s homes, amusement equipment, preschool education and Children's photography, etc., interact with the entire industry chain. The exhibition will work with more than 100 Chinese and foreign media to jointly promote, create the strongest all-media publicity lineup, and combine market public relations, supporting activities to pull, advertising, direct mail system, website delivery, mass media, new media, etc. to form a three-dimensional and comprehensive , Accurate integrated communication mode, to create a platform for companies to link market business opportunities. The rapid development of China's pregnant and infant market, South China will become an important gold nugget for the pregnant and infant market. At present, China has become the second largest consumer of infant and child products after the United States. As the post-80s and post-90s enter the peak of marriage and childbirth, China has ushered in the fourth baby boom since 2012. In 2013, the scale of the 0-12 year old baby and child industry was 1,430.5 billion yuan. Taking into account the impact of the single two-child policy, the scale of the infant and child industry in 2017 was approximately RMB 2.5803 billion. Guangdong is a major manufacturing, exporting, and consuming province of maternity, infant and child products, while Shenzhen is the youngest city in the country, with a per capita age of 32, the third in the country’s birth rate, the highest per capita GDP, and strong consumption power. Ahead, the market potential is huge. SZMBC2015 fully assists companies to explore the South China market. The exhibition will use its own comprehensive publicity channels, a huge database of more than 500,000, and the industry and platform resources unique to the industrial base to assist companies in accurate market communication and have a targeted view of corporate target customers. Exhibition invitations give exhibitors the opportunity to contact more than 20,000 professional buyers, and extend to more than 100,000 households and more than 200,000 audiences, directly facing agents and retailers in 21 cities, 33 county-level cities, and 43 counties in Guangdong Province , Franchisees and maternal and child shop owners. SZMBC2015 is a trade platform that provides companies with brand strategy, product promotion, innovation and development, corporate goals, trends, industry exchanges, channel expansion, and interactive experience. Enter the South China market with unlimited business opportunities. Parent-child experience runs through the whole process, and experiential marketing helps brand promotion. There is also the 2015 Shenzhen Parent-Child Interaction Exhibition on site, centering on infants and young children aged 0-12 years old, parent-child experience interaction runs through the entire process. The exhibition also integrates multiple resources, unites more exhibiting companies and cooperative media to create more exciting activities covering different innovative forms online and offline for participants, and is committed to comprehensively improving exhibitors and visitors' participation experience. At present, the marketing environment is drastically changed and traditional marketing is weak. Interactive experience marketing and terminal dominance are irreversible trends in the e-commerce era and APP era. Parent-child experience highlights the value of interactive experience. Say goodbye to conceptual marketing. Can feel the value of the product. It is reported that the organizing committee will also provide enterprises with tailor-made and diversified brand promotion plans. Enterprises who wish to obtain precise marketing methods for the exhibition can learn more about this type of information through the exhibition website ( At present, the recruitment of exhibitors for SZMBC2015 has been fully launched, and the organizing committee sincerely invites industry colleagues to gather in Shenzhen in 2015.
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