Symbiosis capacity -- — 2016 statuettes invitational exhibition at the national academies gallery opening

by:Ennas      2021-10-28
Core tip: event the artists had a group photo taken on Nov. 14, 2016 in the afternoon, 'symbiosis has - — 2016 China figurine invitational exhibition national art academies in China art gallery opening, the exhibition by the China national event the artists had a group photo taken on Nov. 14, 2016 in the afternoon, 'symbiosis has - — 2016 Chinese figurines invitational exhibition national art academies in China art gallery opening, the exhibition organized by the China national art academies, is China's national academies declaration in 2014, the national art fund 2015 annual audit project funding of exhibition projects, presents a statuette 101 113 pieces of works. Opening ceremony of China's national academies figurines of Mr Qian Shaowu addressed the opening ceremony the executive director of China national academies figurine institute yun-gang Chen addressed the opening ceremony live national art fund management center director Han Ziyong addressed the opening ceremony scene of famous statuette Hong Kong Zhu Dacheng addressed the opening ceremony scene Lu Yushun announced the executive vice President of the China national art academies exhibition opening ceremony by the China national academies ChuangYanBu JiLianBin, director of the host of the exhibition, executive director of China national academies figurine institute yun-gang Chen when it comes to said: 'the theme of this exhibition is' coexistence and co-prosperity ', this is a full of inclusive words: figurine art is one of the arts, has a coexistence and co-prosperity between she and other sister arts; All ages, regional figurines were conducted in different time and space art exploration, also have the relationship of the coexistence and co-prosperity; So, we with an open mind, to abide by the professional academic dignity, caring about such a kind of aggregation. 'Executive director of China national academies figurine institute yun-gang Chen at the scene of the event activities the artists to take picture with Mr Qian Shaowu event figurines home famous Cao Chunsheng exhibition exhibition of a live audience together with the artists in the exhibition in the exhibition, we can see a number of today's China statuette has to master an octogenarian predecessor, such as Mr Pan He, Mr Qian Shaowu, Mr ShengYang, Mr Ye Yushan, etc; Also have followed by star art, such as Cao Chunsheng, Mr He E first, more since the reform and opening up 30 years in the growth and accumulation of a group of outstanding mature figurines home, they are the core team in today's China figurines and strength, constitutes the major groups of the invitational exhibition. Is because of this, constituted the invitational exhibition of rich and colorful subject plate; What is the most worth feeling regret is, most of them are the transportation of the last five years, but also a large number of the author specially created new works for this exhibition, show their recognition and support of the exhibition. In addition, the exhibition also invited, and by some researchers recommend a group of talented young people to participate in, their work is full of more abundant imagination, more diversified artistic technique, is more closely integrated with The Times characteristic. Qian Shaowu Mr Xu beihong, cast copper ShengYang 2010 'fu lei couple' bronze relief in 2016 Ye Yushan 'su zhe' cast copper in 2014 wu 'painter qi baishi' bronze 2012 yun-gang Chen 'tu mu' cast copper yun-gang Chen in 2016, the white horse is not horse gong was, 'cast copper item 2014 xu jin guo' dunhuang patron saint - — Chang Shuhong copper 2016 about the exhibition invited artists, yun-gang Chen said of said: 'the exhibition, invitational exhibition, the author from three aspects: one is based on China's national academies in the researcher to academic subject; Second is invited today's active in figurines industry bring together make period of representative of excellent figurines in each of the home; Part three is a famous small statue home to recommend a batch of young figurines home, etc. At the same time, the exhibition on the premise of guarantee the artistic level appropriate for the region's representative. (especially from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) Statuettes at together, common to witness the diversity of the exhibition and complete situation. 2007 'shao-jun wang hui, glass fiber reinforced plastic shaded Li Xiangqun' sunshine of MAO zedong's 'the hobo copper in 2008' the restaurant - 1 brass CNC machining fu in 2016 at the mortise and tenon joint structure wood 2014 years) the people watch, No · 1 'stainless steel 2016 Lv Pinchang China freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, No 30, cast copper, ancient ceramics 2015 Dong Shubing' walker, explore 'bronze 2014 xiaoping' flowers 'aluminum' symbiosis has 2016 - — 2016 China figurine invitational exhibition 'as a key art project supported by the national art foundation, preparation before and after nearly a year, on March 7, 2016, the national art fund will formally the exhibition entitled' symbiosis has _2016 China figurine invitational exhibition, on March 20, 2016 by the national academies figurine institute held its first part of the researcher and media representatives in Beijing start work; On August 12, 2016, and held a second job, On October 19, 2016, held the third pre-show work, eventually formed the current size. The success of the exhibition held fully embodies the national art fund together with the Chinese national academies in the field of Chinese culture and art promote the positive role of cultural construction in our country. Yu Shihong zhang heng, FRP Deng Le 2014 'industrial era, roar' red sandstone, light, color 2014 li 'the blue form' glass reinforced plastics, paint Wang Zhong illusion, 3 bronze casting, stainless steel 2016 zhang wd taihang mountains - — Wheat ripe season woodcarving 2016 willow blue 'TO LIVE' bronze 2013 QuFeng 'misty rain' deal in 2016, the exhibition will show TO November 21.
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