Swedish man sells Lego he has collected for many years to 'save' marriage

by:Ennas      2021-12-04

International Online Special Article: According to a report by the New York Daily News on May 4, a Swedish man had to sell his Lego collection for many years to 'save' his marriage.   A Swedish website recently posted an advertisement titled '330kg Lego Toys-Save My Marriage'. A man sold the Lego toys he had collected for many years at a high price of 11,500 US dollars (about 71830 yuan). The man wrote in the advertisement: 'My wife said last Friday that he asked me to'get out' with these things. I don't know if she is referring to me or these toys. It should be these toys. Now, my marriage It's in your hands!' The man said, these toys are not sold separately, only complete reservations are accepted.   It is reported that these Lego toys have been lying in the men’s basement for nearly 10 years. They are very complete, including wheels and tires weighing 100 pounds (90 kg), which can encompass the entire Lego craft line.
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