Sui and tang dynasty jade carving _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-09
Core tip: in Chinese history, the tang feudal society in China of two mighty empire. Stronger countries during this period, developed economy and prosperous. The east and the west have close political, economic, and in Chinese history, sui and tang dynasties are the two in the mighty empire of feudal society of our country. Stronger countries during this period, developed economy and prosperous. At this point has the close political, economic and cultural exchange between east and west, foreign culture into China, for the Chinese people brought a lot of new things and ideas, which is reflected in the development of jade culture. Influenced by the Persian culture, sui and tang dynasties appeared some new modelling and pattern on the jade. Jade flying, Buddhism XiaoShengYu has made people, deer, life belt, chicken, etc. , have been painting and the influence of the small sculpture art at that time. The jade processing technique has become mature, carving succinct powerful, highlight the image of the spirit and artistically and quite romantic. Especially the muscles of the stereo image of Chinese zodiac turning processing can receive decent natural good effect. During this period has been widely used of hetian jade produced in the western regions, and that is what we call 'western jade'. Hetian jade jade crystal features in various kinds of jade carving statues, animal statues have been fully reflected, so that the beautiful image with YuCai blend harmoniously for an organic whole, improve the artistry and appreciation of jade. Sui tang dynasty jade, both carved, precision cut, its handle is just right, artistically vivid artistic state can be achieved. Jade in the tang dynasty style characteristics summarized as: ritual vessels, and was buried jade to reduce, increase practical and decorative jade, new varieties have a jade belt ornaments, accessories, tools, jade Buddha statues, jade fish; Wek-jin and flying is very characteristic, flat body, face fat, dress more close to the body, a 'wet wrinkle' on cloud decoration or volume grass grain; Jade step wave, and extremely fine; Yin line is used in great quantities in the jade carved details, and pays attention to score the skin texture, dynamic characters, make its have strong small sculpture. Jade carving theme is extensive, animals and birds, flower, mythical figure, etc. New grain with moire, ruyi moire, water ripple, lotus pattern, grass, alignment lines, etc. ; Characters are Buddhism, Taoism, civil officials and military commanders, le ci-poetry, conference semifinals; Flowers and plants such as flower peony, lotus, treasure phase; Animals are more. Tang and the five dynasties and ten states period, China split again, wars frequently, failure, severe social economy, the jade culture has greatly affected. Now clear for the five dynasties and ten states jade unearthed from few and far between. Bring about jade thefeathermen bring lotus flower ruyi jade bring Hu Renwu le wen thallium tail bring jade carving lad bring camel agate carved jade antelope horn shape cup bring agate oval cup mouth bring flowers crystal cup wek-jin and bring about xian shou wen bring carved jade cup
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