Stupid and cute pet cat fights against the toy tiger and becomes popular on the Internet

by:Ennas      2021-12-31
In the British 'Mirror' report on December 13, a few days ago, a British pet cat mistakenly took the toy tiger seriously and killed it with it, making it popular on the Internet for a while.   In front of the camera, the cat mistakenly thought that the plush toy tiger was going to compete with itself for territory, and then started a battle with it. I saw it standing on its hind legs, punching its front legs, aggressively, with precise strength, and then turned around and continued to fight fiercely. The fighting power should not be underestimated.   After this video titled Mao Nenghu Hu was posted on the Internet, the number of hits soared, and it has now exceeded 200,000 times.   Some netizens joked: This cat has the potential to be a boxing champion. Others said: Next time, Tiger ** should prepare some red envelopes in advance. (Internship compilation: Zhou Hong Reviewer: Zhu Yingku)    (Original title: Stupid and cute pet cat Yong fights toy tiger popular network)
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