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by:Ennas      2020-06-12
Core tip: 'clay figurine zhang' painted 'read the west wing' after hundred years still fresh may have you ever been to the Summer Palace, maybe you to park the garden. empress temple, jade ripples hall, drawing promenade, suzhou street, 17 hole 'clay figurine zhang' painted 'read the west wing' after hundred years still fresh maybe you have been to the Summer Palace, maybe you to park the garden. empress temple, jade ripples hall, drawing promenade, suzhou street, the marble seventeen-arch bridge which, famous place such as the big stage is also very impressive. But, you see the Summer Palace is not complete, some local tour guide miss won't take you to, you won't find in the online tourist map. Today, reporters will take you go to a few places like this. Qianlong 'favorites' today only ruins the hills of the longevity hill, mind clove on either side of the road, road above old stem sections intertwined, sun cast thin spot, from the gap of the leaves slightly shaking on the road. May is the flowering season, the scent of lilac 4 excessive, by Chinese. But along the mountain road XiangDongXing again, between the beautiful lakes and mountains, a majestic, the ruins of vicissitudes of life but let journalists feel surprised. Management office of the c. s. lee said, the Summer Palace this ruins was well-known Gai spring park is located. Park was built in 1752, is a charming longevity hill topped the mountain garden, in 1860 by British and French invaders swept after burn, only ruins remain today. 'These ruins are the witness of history, but because this position is partial, visiting people very little. 'The reporter found that visiting tourists with Buddha incense, compared to the noisy places such as jade ripples hall almost can use' there 'to describe. Gai spring park is a complex and wooden house built up to the mountain, is one of the biggest title the qing xuan, the porch, and wooden house built up to the rock is qianlong was fond of study. But reporters can hin is located in the qing dynasty, but can only see a smoldering rubble and many a clump of grass in the wind. After composed of natural and steep rocks the eaves wall, also clearly visible when the qianlong calligraphy 'qing xuan' three characters, on the right side of the word, there is a huge beams between two pieces of rock, dark color as if to tell the fire burned the humiliation history. If careful observation, can also find many vague handwriting on the rock, the Summer Palace, the cultural relics department Zhou Shangyun said, these words are perpetual qing qianlong when reading in the xuan poetry, there are dozens more than the first. 'Kangxi encyclopedia' cabinet of wenchang center out of the major, the reporter went to the east of it within the Summer Palace again wenchang center, the cultural relics exhibition has just been built in 2000, is currently the largest in the Chinese classical garden, the highest grade. The pavilion Chen Zhan from chow down to thousands of fine cultural relics, the Summer Palace in the late qing dynasty many treasures is the city of China at that time, but only pay attention to in the lakes and mountains of visitors may find it difficult to appreciate the treasures. Wenchang in the east there is a 'study', in this have a full collection of 'integration of ancient and modern books'. According to introducing, this book by the kangxi period out of writing. Book name is 'assembly', kangxi seen after king James changed its name to 'the integration of ancient and modern books'. Yongzheng out when convicted, instead tingxi reweave. The book ten thousand volumes, 1. 600 million words, is 'the Great Britain encyclopedia words more than five times, it's comprehensive features the ancient literature from ancient times to the late Ming dynasty, was known as' kangxi encyclopedia ', is our country existing style in the largest and the most good and also the most widely use books. After the integration of ancient and modern books into as many reader necessary paperwork. June 1, 1927, the great scholar Mr Wang guowei died by drowning in the Summer Palace. According to textual research, contemporary scholar yu Mr Wang guowei this also to the Summer Palace is the first time, from a colleague borrowed 5 yuan of money to go to, the Summer Palace tickets hexagon, pocket after his death is still more than four horns. Experts said that wang guowei whether to see the Summer Palace of the 'integration of ancient and modern books' has not, but confirmed in wang guowei's shelf, there is an 'integration of ancient and modern books'. Nine groups 'clay figurine zhang' belly is over hundred years old is on the west side of wenchang center integrated pavilion 'Jane pavilion', collection of the year YuYuan decorations, articles for daily use and the empress dowager cixi to accept the present, a lot of drama performance of empress dowager cixi of accepting 'train' clock from foreign diplomats here, such physical display. The reporters surprise, the museum also contains nine groups of precious 'clay figurine zhang' clay sculpture works, the Summer Palace was the collection of folk artists as a member of the royal garden 'skills', let a person feel a little weird. , staff explained that the nine groups work is mostly by the minister of qing city wide as present pressed when empress dowager cixi 70th birthday, the empress dowager cixi's favorite. Reporters on the scene saw, said from the subject, the clay sculpture not only has fu lu shou samsung and other relevant work, also have a love of xihe goose, que in the herb gathering ', 'hua mu LAN army', 'pick-up SanXia' and so on the subject of folk art, and 'read the west wing', 'treasure toad to send wine such as clay sculpture works from the classic a dream of red mansions. The scene of the staff, said that these precious clay sculpture works made in qing dynasty period, by the 'clay figurine zhang' in the first three generations of Raymond cheung, yu-ting zhang, Zhang Jinghu three people, is the representative work of 'clay figurine zhang' heyday. Reporter discovery, although these figurines has experienced 100 years of history, but it is still not dry crack, lifelike, color is very bright, excellent processing technology of amazing.
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