Stone tools: stone carving 'seven swords' _ figurine skills necessary

by:Ennas      2021-08-25
Core tip: stone carving is a long and arduous process, which involves many kinds of tools. Each tool has its different functions. At the back of the late stone production, the tools used to remove stone carving is a long and arduous process, which involves many kinds of tools. Each tool has its different functions. In the late stone production, behind the tools used to remove the front using tools. Stone shape, size and hardness of the decision you need to use tools. There are a lot of carving tools. Try a variety of tools and carving method, you will find what is suitable for you. Step one choice for stone types of saw blade, saw blade is used to remove the redundant part of the stone. Step 2 choose the chisel tools have a hammer, chisel tools is a preliminary outline of the outline of the stone. The purpose of this step is to cut off big rocks. The heavier stones, the more heavy hammer. Hammer is mostly by 2 - stone 4 pounds of iron and steel. The third step to increase a few chisel. Please note that chisel and cut the size of the tooth is different. Each has different function, so let's give it a try, to find the most suitable for your technology, original design and stone shape and size of the chisel. Step 4 try various grade polished section and grinding head. Step 5 carving, choose hand box, box should have chisels, various and grinding head. Also need electric tools, Angle grinder, electric grinding, pneumatic tools, such as pneumatic hammer and chisel. Granite is the hardest stone, need heavy tools. In conclusion, the beauty of the stone everyone likes, but carving tools, it is not so beautiful and elegant. Stone carving the necessary sample seven basic tools are: 1, small DiaoSuDao. For the clay sculpture, used for scraping, cut, paste, pick, pressure, clay sculpture and modelling. Is divided into three kinds: the first for metal tools, by steel ( Blue rust) , stainless steel, brass, such as cutting head inclined triangular, LiuYeXing, every leaf form and arrow form, there were some for jagged edges. Non-metallic tool, the second for the bamboo, wood, bone, ivory, horn, plastic and other materials. Large tool has a sole shape, cuttlebone, thumb, oblique triangle, etc; Small tool has a water chestnut, foot shape, spherical, bar, etc. The third for scraper can be cutting model and do YiWen, there are all sorts of circular and square double-sided scraper, etc. 2, stone chisel. Stone tools for steel bar, the bottom for wedge or cone, at the end of the end edge, bottom edge with hammer knock the top stress, according to the shape of blade sharp chisel, flat chisel, gouge and tooth chisel, is a basic tool for stone. 3, stone hammer. For percussion tools to tap on a stone chisel or wood carving knife carving stone, wood, large, medium and small three. Hammer is also the stone hammer, direct contact with hammer percussion stones, straightforward massiness, one integrated mass of small sculpture. Chop axe to chop chop served directly, cutting out neatly parallel lines, can strengthen small sculpture decent sense of direction, sense of rhythm. 4, wood carving knife. Generally made up of cutting head, a knife and iron hoop, in accordance with the flat shape points on the edge, oblique, triangle and circle blade knife four mouth, according to the neck score straight neck curve neck, two kinds, every kind of and each have large, medium and small no. 3. 5, bow. For the small sculpture with calipers. Can measure distance, there are two open ivory card feet, also may at any time change card feet camber. 6, bow to proportion. Is a small sculpture amplification using measurement tools. 7, point type instrument. For the three coordinate locator for copying the stone and wood carving. On the plaster model to identify three basis points, with the point type steel needle alignment and fixed on the apparatus, the slide parts of the use of point type instrument and universal joints and pointer, can be trained on a statue on any spatial location, the movable part of the lock. Move the point type instrument on the rocks or wood, steel needle on the corresponding datum, a pointer to the points on the plaster model in stone or wood, can accurately replicated in stone and wood carving. 'China stone web WWW. stonebuy。 Com '* authenticity without China stone nets, confirmed that this information is only for your reference
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