Stone renovation process skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-15
Core clew: stone renovation: the use of natural stone in a long period of time without maintenance or improper maintenance, the surface would be a large area of scratches, dirty, and the effect the beauty of the natural stone material with stone renovation: the use of natural stone in a long period of time without maintenance or improper maintenance, the surface would be a large area of scratches, dirty, stone material is natural and beautiful decorative effect, if you want to change not only cost is larger, more will affect the normal work and life. Stone renovation process is the stone is good, but damage the surface of the stone do reengineering, method is to use the stone refurbished machines with special grinding, grinding stone material surface damaged, composed of coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing, do mirror nursing combined with crystallization process, restoring the stone on the basis of the damage to the natural texture and luster. What stone material need to be refurbished: 1. Decoration engineering construction in most cases will more mixing type of work, a lot of people and goods movement or decorative material corrosion, can directly damage has laid stone floor, caused severe fouling large area, not reached the standard of completion; Sometimes because the shop staff skill not jing, after completion of ground laid is uneven or have the scissors ( Stone rugged) When need to retrofit the stone. 2. Stone even after long-term use and maintenance in place, also because of reasonable wear and tear, lost the original decorative effect; Secondary will decorate most to old change new, but generally do not need to change along with all the stone floor, only need to select relatively simple renovation of processing, will be a new feeling. Stone renovation process: 1. To repair the damage and mending adhesive ( Seamless processing) : use power tools will damage the surface of the original, and stone installation slit cut again, sent to minimize the width of the gap. Using special marble glue to repair, and make it close to the stone color as far as possible. 2. Snip in a polished: adopt special snip grinding slice to snip a key burnish, make it close to the stone surface. 3. Grinding and polishing: using water from coarse to fine grinding, the surface smooth level off, clear stone grain is advisable. 4. Protection: choose the stone material of special curing agent, make its full penetration into the stone and form a protective layer ( Layers) Waterproof, anti-fouling, corrosion and achieve higher weathering resistance of the stone, a kind of advanced technology. If cooperate with strong DL9 huizhi diamond light has better effect to use Shi Bao, its effective inhibition of stone whiskering fill tiny crack, shrink pores, and auxiliary polishing stone material to achieve the desired effect. 5. Crystallization processing: adopt targeted, crystalline powder or crystalline cask, in special equipment weight and stone material friction generated under high temperature and dual function, through physical and chemical synthesis reaction, crystallization processing in stone material surface, forming a layer of clear, the protective layer of dense, hard, used as a stone material surface plus light, and the effect of hard, this program is very important, is the foundation for future maintenance. However, stone renovation processes improper, will directly affect the effect of stone renovation, introduced by the below small make up a huizhi diamond light DL86 diamond powder ( Crystalline powder) The professional operation method: 1. Refurbished polishing rough marble ground, from 50 to about 2000 #, # renovation and finally the ground clean; 2. Crystal polishing machine with crystal white cushion or nano pads, will DL86 diamond powder with water about according to the proportion of 1:2, is become mushy proper amount onto the ground, According to customer's use habit can change) Tic-tac-toe uniform grinding back and forth, 2 - After 3 minutes with suction machine blot; 3. Mirror dry if you need a higher gloss, after being ground dry, can drop a few DL13 thickening of marble and cast light agent or DL102 crystal cream dry ground, which generated a like diamond.
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