Stone classification ( According to the stone) _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-07
Core tip: on the stone carving art of all sorts of design and the image of, usually also refers to using the rocks carved small sculpture handicraft. China stone by stone points bluestone sculpture, marble, white marble carving, carved on stones all sorts of design and image art, usually also refers to using small rocks carved sculpture handicraft. China stone by stone points bluestone sculpture, marble, white marble carving, talc, ink SPAR carvings, colored stone carving, pebble carving, etc. Fujian HuiAn bluestone sculpture is famous for building decoration and stone lions, stone lions mouth contain among them rolling freely Shi Zhu, famous in southeast Asia. Yunnan marble to some features of marble as raw material, the pattern is like a colored landscape, or dangerous peak, broken or waterfall with cloud, inlaid furniture having a unique style. Hebei QuYang, Beijing well, white marble carving, in Ming and qing dynasties is mainly used for building decoration, such as huabiao, shishi, railings, etc; Modern is used to decorate public and monuments, such as the great hall of the people, the people's heroes monument, chairman MAO memorial hall, etc. Liaoning haicheng, shandong laizhou talc carved with small lovely animals as traditional varieties. Hole in hunan, hubei lichuan ink SPAR carving, stone dark and light. Colored stone carving in qingtian, fuzhou, zhejiang shou, liuyang, hunan province as the main origin. Pebble mainly from lanzhou, shenyang and other places. Stone carving techniques have intaglio ( Score outline) , shadow sculptures, reliefs, round (the Don't attach any background fully three-dimensional carving method) , engraved look ( Also called valuable. such handiwork) And so on. Graven images is the unique techniques of fujian HuiAn blue stone carving, series with different sizes steel drill on bluestone chisel chisel, depending on the size of the drill point, depth and density of landscapes, animals and birds, figures, flowers, etc.
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