Stone carvings of course - — Liao yuan stone _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-22
Core tip: stone carving of the liao liao, jin ling cities of two generations of minority regime system, and imitation of the central plains old, but unfortunately LingQian carving ruin. Liao MAO tomb only man, and writing, qidan memorial house liao liao and jin dynasties sculpture minority regime ling city system, and imitation of the central plains old, but unfortunately LingQian carving ruin. Liao MAO tomb found a man, such as writing, qidan memorial house remnants. Within the territory of xinjiang sand car west LiaoMu there is still a golem, stone horse legacy. Jin dignified burial in northeast China, still saw a tablet, column, and more, shiyang and remains of golem, although these stone has a higher level of art, but also with the central plains Song Lingshi. Two song period of five dynasties ten countries, in fact is the qidan nationality of liao dynasty and the nvzhen nationality in jin dynasty ruled a vast area of northern China, lasted more than three hundred years before and after. Due to the profound influence of the central plains culture, in a period of the stone carving was also most has the original stone carving style similar to that of style. Compared with the former generation, they were merely toward Yu Xiuchang modelling, style is more elegant. In addition, in bahrain left flag in Inner Mongolia and other places, also the legacy of liao dynasty buddhist grottoes. Jin carved Buddhism grotto statues to him much, rich in shaanxi county deepened temple grottoes statues of more than 3000 years, can says jin stone carving art. Building stone relics of liao, jin era legacy, although imitation of tang and song dynasty old-fashioned, but there are also new pattern of the original. As the lugouqiao bridge column carved stone, the big lion small lion 'gu ambition fat' vivid image, is seen in the jin. In yuan dynasty stone carving up and down for thousands of years of Chinese history, the integration process of struggle never ceased. In 1279 AD, the desert of the Mongolian extinguish the southern song dynasty, unified China. But when the class antagonisms and ethnic tensions did not break down, in the aspect of social ideology, religious culture and shows differences, diverse phenomenon. Mongols custom is secret buried hill, even the hero SAN zu, genghis khan is no exception. Natural generation in yuan dynasty mausoleum building stone carving done nothing. With its eminently, but back Kublai Khan in the world-famous yuan dynasty was enlarged in Beijing. Yuan dynasty palace architecture is sufficient, the use of a lot of precious materials to decorate luxurious palace, there are a large number of stone carving decoration component. When building and indoor decorative marble, white marble stone processing technology is developed. Tantric Buddhism of Tibet - — Rinse teaching, during the yuan dynasty rulers of high respect and courtesy, so style of lamaism temple, pagoda, wood carving statues, construction and other religious art popularity throughout the country. Well as existing within the juyongguan town of dujail, north of Beijing, is the most famous building stone carving art. Look from the adornment style of the former, the snake and the former generation of traditional Chinese type style, is a masterpiece of yuan dynasty sculpture, architecture and sculpture form of lamaism, the Ming and qing art influence was profound, such as tower built in Ming dynasty is still in the crossing the street. The Mongol yuan dynasty rulers, speakers, fighters across Eurasia, virtually expand the influence of the Chinese civilization, also further strengthened the Chinese and western traffic, so China's yuan dynasty has also had a central Asian style of islamic architecture. In addition to Christianity, brahmanism, manichaeism carved stone, the stele, column type, myth, carving, flying image has a strong exotic emotional appeal. In the yuan dynasty Taoist is extremely popular, second only to Buddhism. Jin Dading away for seven years, wang chongyang and the quanzhen sect, followed by the famous Taoist quanzhen Song Defang wokuotaihan reign and his disciples in Mongolia, in the collapse of today the longshan of southwest of taiyuan in Shanxi Province, built Taoist grotto. The custom of the Mongolian yuan dynasty aristocrat is different from the central plains han, therefore as secular life reflect tombs RenYong and apparatus for few, still following the old custom of han minority bureaucratic structures with small sculpture RenYong and funerary wares, but also a rare stone carving works. It is a small stone decoration in order to adapt to all kinds of life to enjoy the growing, its subject matter and the form of the varied also. This is the stone carving art to break free from the shackles of religion, edging towards reality show a trend.
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