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by:Ennas      2021-08-31
Core tip: chop began in the zhou dynasty, has more than three thousand years ago. With its as by faith and the symbol of power, all is past and present, has its own stamp, has printed button decoration, it doesn't matter who first who later. Print button, the seals began in the zhou dynasty, has more than three thousand years ago. With its as by faith and the symbol of power, all is past and present, has its own stamp, has printed button decoration, it doesn't matter who first who later. Print button, commonly known as the nose, used to wear a rope tied. Start for purely practical, and then try to act the role ofing, such as different animal head carving on the nasal button, to rank at all levels. The qin and han dynasties for officials, in addition to the gold. Silver. The discretion of the copper material is different to distinguish GuanJue, also distinguish between on the adornment of the print button. Signed the document, such as the han dynasty, the emperor with tiger button, the queen with Jin Xi tiger button, c with Jin Xi camel button, the crown prince, column. The prime minister. Captain. Thereof. General about golden turtle button, the two thousand Shi Yin turtle button, more than two hundred stone to stone copper image button. In addition to this, all previous dynasties also therefore, lion, dragon, wind, gluttonous, kirin, camel, tiger, to ward off bad luck. Bird, aojiang, bear, picture and other animals in the Chinese zodiac as a print button decorations. Since the yuan dynasty crown seal began to take milk stone, by lithographic easy to knife, too people to use, hence to prevail. With shoushan stone material, in addition to soft and easy to attack, there are clean as jade, colorful, attention people favor. Shoushan stone seal widely used button carving, but also to contribute to the Ming dynasty, become a kind of special varieties and shou stone carvings of the art. The early 50 s of this century, fujian quanzhou Mr Su Dashan donated two pieces of Ming dynasty Li Zhuowu of seal, stagnation and fix Lin Li qing dynasty unearthed, the minor term with a engrave Bai Wen 'li zhi', a engrave, zhu wen 'ZhuoWu' button carved lions, squat side first, honest. It is only the Ming dynasty shoushan stone art crystal knob. Shoushan stone carving button is given priority to with the ancient beast, gradually developed with antique, feathers, and worms, flower fruit, characters, such as category, print button is small, has attracted many stone carving artists have worked on the print button. Struggled to superb techniques and profound artistic accomplishment, fu inch to ten thousand kinds of love. In the qing dynasty outstanding sculptors Yang Yuxuan. Zhou Shangjun and carving master of button. Yang Yu bo studs style is the collection of ancient jade to the specification of the copper seal, give full play to the characteristic of shoushan stone is soft and easy to attack, with fine art, highlight the beast button, sentiment and interest, so lifelike, lifelike. Zhou Shangjun button and Yang Yuxuan style different to huamao, qing ling. Is famous for its smooth, exaggeration and commonly used to strengthen image, the reach of even the subtle level. He is good at capture some pattern carved antique flat button, and around the ink pad engraved bas-relief kam pad print and take the ancient bronze pattern to evolve for edge lines. Zhou Shangjun antique design straight flat, smooth corner roundy) Design interval closely, have needle remain, a must. Guangxu period, qing stagnation fuzhou 'east united' granddaddy Lin Peiqian also capable and antique print sculpture art, carved beast head form, art of using saber clever, thou shalt open silk, never stopped. The proud son Yu Linyuan pearl button, the signet health strong, look realistic, especially capable must score, mane, wool and hair. 'East united' carved button of the posterity, outstanding person like water, Lin Youqing forest, Zheng Renjiao, Lin Shou during, Zhou Baoting, etc. Though they imitate, but the creative, especially the beast Zhou Baoting button can JianRong east carving. Simon genre of charm, summed up the ancient beast button hundreds kinds of names, is the grand master shoushan stone button carved. 'Simon sent already to carving carving' button as the factions ZongYe, therefore since Pan Yumao to yu-jin pan, yuquan brothers, and subsequent brother takes among. Chen Keguan. Chen Kexi masters are carved button, etc. Work style and the 'east united' stem, with quaint and generous, austere, heavy of literati, cherish. High-grade shoushan stone seal today, almost each chapter will be carved button, in addition to engrave ancient beast button, it is modern animals, plants, also carved figures, flowers and grass, fish and also vulture thin, is a continuation of the ancient wind flow other and development. Seals have no button button, a far cry from its economic and artistic value.
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