Stone carving _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-08
Core tip: stone such as round, relief and valuable. such handiwork, based on granite, tea plantations and 'yixian county green', for more basic parts of the memorial arch, homes, inscriptions, etc. Stone carving art in any shape or composition, square stone have full relief, relief, valuable. such handiwork, etc. , based on granite, tea plantations and 'yixian county green', for more basic parts of the memorial arch, homes, inscriptions, etc. Stone carving art in any shape or composition, various methods. Concerning its characteristics can be divided into two kinds: one kind written filling, compact, distinct, strewn at random have send, abound adornment sex. Another kind of writing is concise and easy, the same density, the composition into opening and closing, like art, and give priority to with low relief, line carve, is good at using light reflected reinforcement material. Stone carving method is also tend to be perfect. Some works because of deep carved carved lightly, the infinite interest. Therefore, despite the hundreds of years of wind and rain erosion, up to now still look very interesting. Especially those that are carved with a three to five layer plate frontal fang or railing China, fine carving, distinct, has a strong stereo feeling and space feeling, almost is successfully integrated use of a variety of carving methods and skills, make limited written can show infinite space, create a higher realm of art. Stone carving art forms, from beginning to end by the material properties and practical system, its characteristic is: 'carvers, trapped KeFa evolution'. Stone carving art is not only restricted to material performance, and the restraint of architectural component function, together with all sorts of different rock properties, composition, shape, carving method is of great adaptability, adjust measures to local conditions only, ability for carvers. Carving techniques must be based on principles of obey the art form and content. Due to different times have different content and aesthetic requirements, and constantly promote the development of stone carving techniques. Stone carving techniques from flat shallow single to complex and changeful, compound for single flat light, which is not a repeat of the former, but by the original plain and the development of primitive simplicity of over-elaborate neatly. The lion sculpture, in has been gloriously enrolled brick, wood, stone carving is a special theme. However, stone lions and the excellence of quietly elegant, beautiful carved lions, compared by material, shaped like a tall, strong, is don't have a style. It is the Ming and qing dynasties huizhou folk artists through the bold imagination, exaggerated, the adornment of the deformation of the icon. Buccal abundant big face, forehead, a white meat nose mouth, from the beginning to the back covered with swirling turned loose hair, plastron YingLao HuaMian, bells, hung on the neck bow foot, give a person the sense with intimacy and lovely. Especially the mansion door previously placed on stone lion, generally a pair of knee nestled close to the youngest son, the other a pair of foot ball, they can render family Gao Guiwei dare, and can result in an atmosphere of joy rimmon. Put the round stone lions liked. , has been gloriously enrolled in the stone carving stone lions pays much attention to the relief technique, to enhance grid adornment effect, pay attention to form pulp frequently, and sealing form fat percentage did not very demanding.
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