STEM educational science toys, enjoy the wonderful parent-child time with your children

by:Ennas      2022-02-01
STEM toys have been occupying the top spot of Amazon's toy explosion list since 15 years. These toys incorporate some seemingly esoteric knowledge of mathematics and science into interesting games, quickly attracting children's attention, and allowing children to naturally learn science and engineering knowledge during the game. If mom and dad don’t know how to spend the weekend with their children at home on the weekend, come and take a look at it with the editor for a meaningful holiday. Children's science experiments STEM science toys, fun science experiment games, can not only cultivate children's hands-on ability, but also stimulate children's scientific thinking ability. This science experiment has 208 elementary and middle school test sites, involving 43 scientific principles, 1 per day Small experiment, no re-sampling for 7 months. The set contains 48 experimental equipments, and a scientific experiment manual is provided. No need to worry about Xiaobai’s parents. The gift set is great for giving away for self-preservation! Crazy Lab's super luxurious scientific experiment toy gift box, 25 selected small experiments + 25 expansion small experiments, stimulate children's curiosity and desire for exploration in all directions! Growing crystals Have you seen how crystals grow? Dissolve the crystal powder in hot water, place it in the crystal, and let it stand for 4-7 days. The magical crystal begins to grow. Dilute the growth fluid with warm water in the fantasy ocean, put in the coral species, and let it stand for 2 hours to observe the changes in the ocean coral groups. The mining expert uses tools to dig out gems from the soil! Let the child be a geologist and have fun. Magical Soap Show How is the soap that mom uses in her daily life made? Transform into a small science encyclopedia, do it, and make a unique handmade soap! Mysterious Magic Every child has a magical dream, can have a teleport function, can have a Harry Potter invisibility cloak, can conjure countless beautiful flowers... Milu's introductory magic suit, layers of mysterious, waiting for you Announced. 21 kinds of magic props, 36 kinds of magic magic. Learn about new props every day, and don’t get tired of playing for a week. Hands-on and brainstorming, both adults and children like it. Gift sets are great for giving away and keeping yourself! My little mason, one brick and one tile, simulates real house construction materials, basic cement and sugar cube-sized bricks, giving full play to children's imagination, creating hands-on opportunities for children to plant in their hearts An architect's seed. 143 bricks, reduced difficulty, suitable for babies who are just getting started, small hands with small bricks, a better experience, food-grade cement, 6 steps to achieve freedom of building a house, come and visit your neighbors.
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