'Star Wars' Becomes America's Most Popular Toy

by:Ennas      2021-12-31
According to data released by the US Retail Research Institute on the 20th, toys related to the movie 'Star Wars' sold more than $700 million in the United States in 2015, becoming the most popular toy in the United States last year. 'Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens' was released in North America last December and broke several box office records. According to a survey conducted by the NPD Group, the lightsaber toy used by the villain Kylo Ren, BB— 8 The sales of toys such as robots and the Millennium Falcon spaceship model are more than the combined products of 'Jurassic Park 4The sales of the 'Star Wars 7' series of toys began on Friday, September 4th, the Force, and the sales were very good, and it quickly became the number one toy. After Christmas, the doll toys of the movie characters have been difficult to find in the market. Toy manufacturers Hasbro and Mattel have made a fortune. Driven by the hot sales of Star Wars toys, the sales of the US toy industry increased by 6.7% in 2015 to $19.4 billion, becoming the best year in recent years.
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