Stand like dao, ︱ guangzhou figurine institute figurine is exhibited on 20 January 15 when at shunde art gallery's website

by:Ennas      2020-06-22
Core clew: Liu Changchang long so the organizer: today art museum, guangzhou figurine institute's website co-sponsors: almond altar painting, intercontinental culture, HuaZhen culture, ronggui chamber of commerce and shadow art, shadow Liu Changchang between take up long today so the organizer: art gallery, guangzhou figurine institute's website co-sponsors: almond altar painting, intercontinental culture, HuaZhen culture, ronggui chamber of commerce and shadow art, pick up between the film and television, the chart of chongqing culture exhibition time: on January 20, 2018 - On February 10, the opening time: on January 20, 2018 15:00 exhibition location: shunde ronggui to east road no. 7 on the second floor of the museum's website the artists: Xu Hongfei, Lu Zengkang, Chen also all, Fang Cheng, Feng Guohao, Feng Guoxiu, Gao Yiting, He Jianjun, jin-hua he, huang ran, PLC, kay Liang Jian gen, Liu Changchang, Lu Yuefei, Ming and Su Jinju Ross, alen, Wang Weining, WuZhiBiao, Wu Dehao, Xu Yinghua, YuChang, Zhong Zhiyuan, lot, Zhu Yingyuan support media: art museum, art gallery's website website, 020 art observation, guangdong art network and the pearl river business newspaper, foshan daily, guangdong arts, southern daily, Tibetan art view, foshan pearl river media group, 99 art net, shunde city net, shunde, 901 radio stations, 318 art net, art life, China's image, sketch map Zhong Zhiyuan lotus pond moonlight introduction on the zhouyi, copulative 'recorded in' like dao 'is the earliest paper about' image '. Meaning like bian and enlightenment, has since become the artists wandering between the objective and to express the subjective emotion of life guide line. Xu Hong fly Hong Kong fish figurines as three-dimensional modeling in 3 d space art, how to shape vivid and contemporary artists like dao is often poor life exploring the art propositions. Figurines will inner demands, life point of view, the observation of the world, condensing on the figurine knife and mud, plastic to form, assign to god, figurines to become part of the modelling beauty and meaning. Fang Cheng figurines on the road guangzhou institute was founded in the 1950 s, is in the south of the earth's most representative figurines professional institutions, more than 60 years to create a large number of popular classic, such as guangzhou wuyang stone, like sun yat-sen, sanya, hainan 'touching', nanjing, the flower terrace martyrs memorial ', 'sorrow', guangxi liuzhou 'sanjie liu' and so on, is the south sent a mainstay of the figurines. In recent years, guangzhou has a small statue of figurines, committed to the exploration and study of art, a large number of excellent canvas works in this emerging, award-winning achievements in the domestic professional exhibition of fine arts, is the creation of the industry's reputation and influence as groups. Feng Guohao weekend 'like, our minds - — Guangzhou figurine institute figurines exhibited 'figurines from guangzhou institute of old, middle-aged and young more than 20 figurines selects nearly hundred pieces of work in the home, in both style are already sophisticated people, famous classic; Also have many Mesozoic personality style has gradually become mature products; And young generation halfback, vanguard forces such as the Yangtze river after the waves is unstoppable, and become a small statue of the future prospects. Hundred pieces the concentrated in DE - art gallery, a style, imagery myriad changes, with your objects. Feng Guoxiu Gao Yiting far away I don't know why rush huang kai at Liang Jian gen performer Lu Yuefei avanty Su Jinju horse. Cloud 2 Wang Weining fishing identify alen youth revelation - Feeling WuZhiBiao westerly winds
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