Stalin statue of politics: more than 140 existing from time to time be a spoof

by:Ennas      2020-06-16
Core tip: Russia in 2008, according to a poll data 42% of russians believe that their country needs is like Stalin's leader. Stalin 'bullied again. In his old Russia in a 2008 poll data show that 42% of russians believe that their country needs is like Stalin leader. Stalin 'bullied again. In his hometown is a small town in Georgia on the hilltops, Stalin statue just put good, the second day is fresh orange paint spray, has also written on the wall behind slogans such as 'Stalin was a murderer'. This is not the first time it dead. In June 2010, a Stalin statue was then Georgian President mikheil saakashvili secret removed, however, after only four months, pro-western Mr Samuelson, in the party's parliamentary election defeat the pro-russian Ivan furnish willy, the latter will statue of Stalin welcomed back in Georgia. The same story in Ukraine. New Year's eve 2011, Ukraine was blown up a statue of Stalin. A few months ago, about the statue of, once cause Ukraine country tension between Russia and the west. How to treat a statue of Stalin, in former Soviet countries subtly reflects the realistic choice of different political figures pro-western or pro-russian? In what attitude towards Soviet history? 'Stalin statue of politics' beginning in 1937, the Ukraine figurines home built 'Lenin and Stalin on the hill', which do not make Stalin statue of Lenin statues accompaniment, after won official recognition, began in the communist world. The statue in socialist countries squares, parks, and streets. In 1956, however, Stalin, Khrushchev initiated criticism most of these statues are cast down, broken down. Down the altars 'Stalin,' more bizarre repeatedly in the folk. Hungary October event, the Budapest against the Soviet union in the statue of 'decapitation' facial wrote 'WC'. Stalin statue of the Mongolian capital of ulan bator, demolition, dirty, were also in 2001, is a businessman, put at the door of the cafe, occupy the position of plutus cat. Times have changed, the russians later began to reflect on Stalin's criticism. News agency reported that Russia's 2008 years of an opinion poll data show that 42% of russians believe that their country needs is like Stalin leader. The textbooks have also changed to the evaluation of Stalin. More than in the past called Stalin era 'terror and suffering', and in 2005 the Moscow state university history textbooks, the writer Winston Churchill said, 'of his life s cruel, is an admirable luminaries. 'In 2005, three in Siberia city erected statue of Stalin, then regional councillor Peter & # 183; Medvedev has on the radio interview, expressed public support for construction of the statue. Since then, many former cis countries, the pro-russian began to erect statue of Stalin. According to an unofficial statistics, Russia global existing statue of Stalin, about 140, more than half in Russia. Among them, Russia in recent years, the new has more than 30 seats. However, a new generation of 'Stalin' have twists and turns. In 2012, Ukraine a nationalist groups, put a Stalin urinating in the streets of Kiev statue, fountain quickly dismantled by the police.
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