Stainless steel sculpture production process and its technical standards

by:Ennas      2022-02-17
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, stainless steel sculptures are a relatively common one. For stainless steel sculptures, people may still have a little understanding of it. Let me introduce the production process of stainless steel sculptures and its Process standards. 1. Stainless steel sculpture production process 1. The design is based on the manufacturer's requirements and combined with surrounding environmental factors. The sculpture designer designs an intention map or an effect map. After multiple confirmations and revisions by the manufacturer, the specifications and dimensions are determined. 2. Drawing deepening means making a deepening drawing, also called a production processing drawing. The size of each detail is marked on the drawing, and it is confirmed by the manufacturer again, and then archived after confirmation. At the same time, it is processed by the sculpture manufacturer. 3. The production sample is the sculpture after molding. Reduced version, sample one is to allow the producer to confirm the shape of the sculpture and to feel the sculpture more intuitively, and to propose amendments to the sculpture. The second is to make a one-to-one mold tire according to the sample and enlarge it according to the scale, which is used for inverted mold production. Sculpture molds. Mold tires are divided into mud tires, namely mud drafts and foams. The mold tires are repeatedly modified and confirmed according to the production drawings. After meeting the requirements, they are turned into a harder mold. 4. The opening and labeling are based on the characteristics of the mold. The different parts of the mold are divided into multiple small pieces, and labeled, and the samples are cut after the labeling, and the paper is attached to the mold, and the sample paper is cut according to the size of the piece and labeled, and the material is opened according to the sample paper. 5. Forging and opening After the material is filled, the stainless steel sheet is repeatedly forged and compared with the mold until it is completely consistent with the mold. 6. Welding (splicing) According to the number, the forged sheets are spliced u200bu200btogether and the welding is firm. 7. Polishing makes the welding point smooth. This process is a slow and meticulous work, first sanding with coarse sandpaper, and then sanding with fine sandpaper, until the splicing seams can not be seen, and the whole sculpture is integrated. 8. The surface treatment of the stainless steel sculpture is the original color, which is the raw material itself. Color; second is spray paint, commonly used fluorocarbon paint, that is, car paint, can be sprayed into various colors according to production requirements. Second, stainless steel sculpture process standard 1. Stainless steel sculpture is usually made of a variety of different stainless steel chopsticks In the actual splicing and production process, such a process itself is also called welding. Generally speaking, welding workers use various methods to perform effective welding. After the completion of the work, a series of grinding and polishing is required, so that the surface will be more smooth to the touch. 2. In the actual processing of stainless steel sculptures, there will be some processing methods of its own, usually speaking Do a good job of lightning protection treatment. To a certain extent, during thunderstorms, the metal may be struck by lightning. At this time, during the construction of the stainless steel sculpture, it is completely necessary to prevent the construction of the entire lightning system at the same time, and the marking of the entire concrete There will also be different marks. 3. If you want to install a stainless steel sculpture, then the entire bolt must be fixed at the beginning of the installation. During the entire bolt fixing process, all of them must be fixed on some foundation surfaces, the panel and also It must be placed in some horizontal position, and in this, all bolts or steel bars must be welded smoothly. 4. If it is winter construction, you must take necessary measures. The above content is the Beijing sculpture manufacturer for you Here is an introduction about the production process of stainless steel sculpture and its process standards, I hope it can help you.
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