Stainless steel sculpture model classification and its production process

by:Ennas      2022-02-16
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, stainless steel sculptures are a relatively common one. For stainless steel sculptures, people may still have a little understanding of it. Let me introduce you to the classification of stainless steel sculptures and their production process. , Stainless steel sculpture art modeling classification 1, logo modeling, tourist area theme sculpture modeling: Tourism sculpture planning should also be carried out in the overall plan, mainly to determine the main landscape modeling logo of the tourist area or the theme sculpture of the tourist area. The logo modeling of the urban tourist area; such as The Eiffel Tower in France and the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China. It is a symbol of the cultural history and urban image of an urban tourist area; the theme sculptures of the urban tourist area: such as the purple flower sculpture in Hong Kong, the ruined cow sculpture in Shenzhen, etc., it is a characteristic of urban plants A symbol of the spirit of the times. Urban tourism sculpture is divided into abstract, imagery, and concrete art forms. 2. Garden sculpture: Garden sculpture is actually carried out in the detailed urban planning stage, and it is the product of the mutual cooperation of sculptors and garden designers. Garden public The shape of the facility, and the content of the plan is suitable for the public's aesthetics, in line with the characteristics of garden planning, and is integrated with the nature of the landscape, pursuing imagery and highlighting interesting content. Or use the theme of the park to determine the content of the garden sculpture, and the sculpture is decorated with abstract Form-based. 3. Residential area sculpture: The residential area sculpture is based on the theme of homeland, with relaxed, lively, and happy as the clues. The form of sculpture is not large, but small and exquisite, with vitality. 4. Commercial area sculpture : Taking the main products of the commercial area as the theme, the art processing forms of artistic exaggeration, decoration, and deformation are carried out to achieve the advertising economic effect of the commercial area and give the audience an artistic experience. 5. Leisure sculptures in the tourist area: Transform with exaggeration The design method of the superhumanized concept of thinking and viewpoints gives people a sense of mystery, weirdness, and weirdness. People enter the tourist area after heavy work in order to relax themselves and get ideological and spiritual satisfaction. Sculptures in the district must understand the psychological state of tourists in order to achieve the purpose of stimulating economic development. 6. Sculptures in industrial areas: Sculptures in industrial areas generally aim at pursuing height and momentum to show the prosperity and development of the local economy. But in the form of sculptures It must not be the same. The author should take out a specific industrial logo or industrial product for artistic design based on the local industrial characteristics and cultural roots, in order to achieve a higher level of sculpture language. 2. Stainless steel sculpture production process 1. Sculpture basis is determined The pictures of, professionally analyzed and lofted in the computer, and zoomed in to the required height of the sculpture with a reasonable and coordinated ratio, as well as the shapes of other angles and parts. 2. The modeling drawings were proofread and refined, and optimized and reviewed by the sculptor After confirming the production. 3. The picture is confirmed, and the professional sculptor will cooperate with the sculpture expert to make the model according to the model picture. 4. The model is completed by the structural engineer for the internal steel frame structure, gravity analysis, and load-bearing support, so that the stability reaches level 10 Above the wind, the surface of the inner steel structure should be treated with a second anti-rust treatment. 5. The surface usually adopts a matte effect, which is smooth and smooth, without deformation, color difference, rust and gloss. Even. The surface treatment includes mirror polishing, as well as painting, gold plating, titanium plating and other surface treatment effects. The above content is the introduction of the stainless steel sculpture model classification and production process brought to you by the Beijing stainless steel sculpture manufacturer. I hope it can help To you.
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