Stainless steel sculpture forging process and process

by:Ennas      2022-02-21
Generally speaking, the production process of stainless steel sculptures is very complicated, and it is not easy to make perfect stainless steel sculptures, and only masters who have mastered the stainless steel sculpture forging process can make stainless steel sculptures perfect. Then stainless steel sculpture forging What are the steps in the process? Next, let’s take a closer look: Stainless steel sculpture forging process 1. Making clay sculptures.  2. Enlarge the short draft.   3. Turn the clay manuscript into a hard material mold.   4. Forged stainless steel sculptures according to the model.   5. Polish the sculpture many times.  6. u200bu200bThe surface of the sculpture is sprayed with fluorocarbon paint. Stainless steel sculpture forging process 1. Scheme design of large stainless steel sculpture: This is mainly for customers who need to design. When designing stainless steel sculpture, its environment should be considered, so as to determine its content, form, color, etc., and design a set Complete stainless steel sculpture scheme. 2. Production of the inner frame: According to the stainless steel sculpture model, the required height is calculated according to the proportion. The inner frame of the sculpture is welded by stainless steel pipes and stainless steel flat steel. All the stainless steel sculpture load-bearing frames are fully welded on both sides. Paint the rust paint three times.  3. Cutting material: Generally, the tools used are electric scissors, which can cut thin plates below 2mm, but the level of flatness is not good after cutting. There is also a cutting machine, which can cut both thick and thin plates, but can only cut straight lines, and there is nothing you can do when you encounter arcs. If you want to cut the stainless steel sheet into a flat shape and a variety of shapes, plasma cutting is used. 4. Forging: Take the stainless steel plate to the mold and knock it out. According to the different shapes of each part of the model, the material is discharged, and according to its fluctuations, it is consciously beaten. The bend is bent, and the edge is bent. Knock the edge, you can hit on any tangible and strong object, and then take the knocked stainless steel plate to the mold for comparison. It is believed that the shape is correct and can be completely closed with the model, and then these scattered carbon steel plates and stainless steel plates are welded piece by piece from top to bottom. Each piece is connected to the mold, and the texture effect of each stainless steel plate surface It must be the same, which must be forged at the same time as the shape is made. You can also forge the dots before cutting.   5. Forming: welding, polishing and painting.
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