St Petersburg shock - building and figurines

by:Ennas      2021-07-31
Core clew: architecture, painting and figurines can be said to be st Petersburg to priceless treasures of the world, in addition to painting works need to be seen in the museum and the palace, buildings and small statue is in the street alone, painting and figurines can be said to be st Petersburg to priceless treasures of the world, in addition to painting works need to be seen in the museum and the palace, the architecture and the figurines just can walk on the street has been a joy. From the palace on the Neva river bridge to the north, the observation deck of semicircle is standing two large stone pillars, stone next to the marble figurines, I think is a Poseidon, one is the goddess of wisdom, Athena saint bullish comrades don't think of sand weave and Julian, opposite the two gods seem to be guarding the Peter and Paul fortress. Peter and Paul golden spire of the church cannot ignore one scene is still field of vision. Columns on a similar to the one on the other side of the temple of the white building, a row of the top of the pillars and a set of character figurines, is very magnificent. Palace Neva river north shore, the west side of the bridge is a row of neat but buildings of different styles, including university and palace, seemed to have a powerful place. Bronze sculptures at the observation deck to overlook the other side, from east to west, in turn, can see the drop of blood to save the cathedral spire, the winter palace, the admiralty building, the dome of the cathedral of issa, plus Trinity bridge and close to the palace bridge in the distance, draw a bunch of bride and bridegroom in this photo. A palace bridge south avenue, the left hand is the winter palace, the right hand is from the construction designers admiralty buildings, buildings as a whole for the beige, two gate toward the north, south facing a gate, south facing the front entrance to the building is very grand, is still a tall golden spire, its small statue standing on, on both sides of the door and ball girl figurine, is indeed a building is worth a look. Before the winter palace is the palace square, the central stands tall monument, Alexander memorial is a big cross arms of the angel, on the other side of the square is the palace square buildings, one of the most striking is the arc DE triomphe marble chariot group, an angel holding rod, made by the six horses pulling chariots, six different fine horse stance, lifelike. The northeast of palace square belongs to the winter Palace Museum is a building, its door attached figurine is very interesting, is the prime of youth carried the door, saw the feeling is very interesting, very creative, also for these figurines feel tired, later found that a lot of buildings have this style of st Petersburg figurines, have a plenty of carrying a door, have a plenty of carrying the balcony, have a plenty of carrying decoration. Leave the palace square, walk along him to deviate from the direction of the admiralty building street, on both sides of the building is mostly commercial, but the appearance of the building itself is before one hundred, let a person feel both the profound historical sense, there is no lack of again the modern breath. When go to kazan cathedral, who can't have no way to marvel at the genius of the cathedral designer, near the south cathedral is the four famous gold wing animal figurines, figurines in the corners of a bridge, his mouth will cable bridge, great design, the bridge across the river is like a Palace Museum.
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