St. Kerry and Moke Tuhuale at the 2016 Shenzhen International Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-12-25

2016 Shenzhen International Maternity, Infant and Child Exhibition will be held as scheduled at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 24-26. The exhibition is sponsored by the well-known exhibition company Expansion Exhibition Group. As the largest professional exhibition for pregnant, infants and children in South China, the 2016 Shenzhen International Maternity and Infant Exhibition covers almost all aspects of the pregnant, infant and child industry. Shenzhen St. Carey Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the 2016 Shenzhen International Pregnancy, Infant and Child Fair with its 'Moker Tuhuale' products. If you want to know more about Moker Tuhuale, please visit Booth 3B97 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Shenzhen Shengkairui Technology Co., Ltd. is looking forward to your arrival! Shenzhen Moike Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 836666) was established in October 2007 with a registered capital of 10 million. It is a high-tech company dedicated to integrating Internet + interactive high-tech into children’s life, entertainment, and education products. Innovative enterprise, is also a high-tech company dedicated to the development and application of AR (augmented reality) u0026 VR (virtual reality) technology. Shenzhen Shengkairui Technology Co., Ltd. is the only designated agency distributor of 'Moike Tuhuale' products under Moike. The two parties are each other's strategic partners. The two parties will work together to create China's most influential AR preschool education products. Specially-appointed children's education experts provide design references for the company's products according to the psychological and physiological characteristics of children. Has long-term cooperation with foreign English teaching institutions, and has signed contracts with dozens of pure American English foreign teachers to provide dubbing and recording of reading materials. 'Moike Tuhuale' is a '4D interactive children's enlightenment English' textbook developed by Moike Group (stock code: 836666) for three years and independently developed for children aged 2-7. It is based on AR reality augmentation technology, which connects the virtual and real world, presents all-round three-dimensional display and stimulates and guides children to learn English. Parents only need to spend a few hundred yuan to let children play with this set of products for 2-3 months to achieve 'learning'. In 1-2 years, the effect of 'one-on-one American English teaching' spent 30,000-40,000'. The children learn English by the way while having fun! This set of products is currently the first in China, filling the gap in the AR English early education market for children. Moike is currently the only listed company that has gone public and invested in AR product research and development, and has more convenient financing conditions and favorable conditions for rapid market expansion. Exhibition introduction: MBCchina2016 Shenzhen International Maternity and Baby Products Exhibition is the most professional and largest maternity and infant industry event in South China. It strives to connect Shenzhen Maternity and Childhood Exhibition to the Pearl River Delta, facing the world, radiating China, serving Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. , And strive to build China's most influential purchasing and trading platform for maternity, infant and child products. In conjunction with the Shenzhen Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition, the organizer will create the most complete ecological chain exhibition, including Shenzhen Children’s Clothing Exhibition, Shenzhen International Baby Carriage and Safety Seat Exhibition, Shenzhen Toys Exhibition, Shenzhen International Early Childhood Education Supplies and Equipment Exhibition, Shenzhen Yuezi Club Experience the franchise exhibition, etc. to create China's largest and most authoritative ecological exhibition. It will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 24-26, 2016. The exhibition covers: a complete ecological chain of pregnant and infant products, such as maternal and infant products, food, clothing, toys, baby carriages, and service organizations. The organizer will make every effort to build the most influential business platform for the pregnancy, infant and child industry in the Pearl River Delta. For more information, please contact: Shanghai Extension Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tel: 021-51987155 Fax: 021-54890578 Email: mbcchina@kuozhan.com.cn Website: www.mbcexpo.cn
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